Friday, May 31, 2019

James River Yarn Crawl Part 3

Remember I was doing the James River Yarn Crawl last week?  And how I had so much fun buying yarn and spending so many pennies I won't be able to eat for six months?  

I've already lost three pounds!

But honestly, that has more to do with getting an extra 8,000 steps in each day while at work this past Memorial Day weekend.  Thankfully we haven't run out of food in the pantry yet.  That worry is for another day.

Today, I'm just excited by the yarn fumes.

Our second stop on the James River Yarn Crawl was at The Flying Needles in Williamsburg VA

The second stop we made on the yarn crawl was to The Flying Needles, also in Williamsburg.  We almost skipped this shop but I'm glad we didn't.  They were barely advertising their participation in the yarn crawl and their lack of excitement for it upset me a little bit.  I'll admit, I copped a bit of an attitude.  But, the shop was only a short drive from our first stop so we decided to check it out.

Yarn shopping!

I'm glad we did.  They may not have been advertising the crawl, but they were definitely participating!  They had a ginormous display of yarns from Dragonfly Fibers.  Oh my goodness!  I could have spent a lifetime's worth of grocery money at that one table alone!

James River Yarn Crawl, The Flying Needles
Dragon Fly Fibers, Squishy Lace, Mushroom Hunting

After carrying about 50 skeins and multiple Dragonfly Fiber kits around with me, in the end, I only bought one skein  of Squishy Lace in the Mushroom Hunting colorway.  That tiny touch of grayish/blueish/green among all those browns got the best of me.

Yarn haul from James River Yarn Crawl 2019.  #yarnfumes
Madelinetosh Sycamore

Sarah definitely has good taste.  She chose this Madelinetosh in the Sycamore colorway.  At some point I'll turn it into a cowl for her.

Lace weight yarn intended for a shawl purchased at The Flying Needles
Cozy Color Works

And then there was Cozy Color Works in Mahogany (on the left) and Toasted Marshmallow (on the right.)  Neither of these are typical of my taste in yarn colors.  The Mahogany is slightly more mauve in real life and I am not a fan of anything mauve.  I'm also not a fan of knitting with white yarn.  But the two combined....  I just Had to have them!

I was a little disappointed that this shop wasn't offering any freebies nor did they have any kind of drawings for prizes.  Each shop was supposed to offer those but....   The conversation at that night's Sit and Stitch was pretty interesting with lots of varied opinions.  Some folks felt they had been treated so badly they didn't feel welcome while others had been treated wonderfully.  Personally, I was in the wonderful category, although I'll admit to being disappointed that the only freebie they offered was an invitation to sign up for a bus trip.


  1. Beautiful yarn and I love the name of the colorway "Mushroom Hunting." Nice choice!!

  2. You're killing me with that yarn!!!!! How gorgeous. I love Dragonfly fibers and as for that MadTosh......wowza!

  3. gorgeous many projects...will make beautiful items made with love...lovely time spent with your daughter...take care...sally

  4. More lovely yarns! You're giving me serious stash envy!

  5. Your yarn crawl adventures sound wonderful. I am a huge Malabrigo fan myself, I am never disappointed when I use it.

  6. That Dragon fly looks amazing love the colors. I have had an not great shop experience while out of town last week. Its a shame. I won't share negative on blogs or social media, but I won't return. I felt like an imposition

  7. I find that not all shop owners are true customer service types. Just because you love yarn and knitting does not mean you make a good shop owner. Lovely yarns all!!!

  8. gorgeous yarns and what fun to go to different stores. I find yarn stores have a unique vibe to them. Some are more friendly than others. I also love the ones where I find lots to buy!!

  9. I've always wanted to see Dragon Fly in person - the colorway you chose is lovely!

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