Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Thank goodness for Barnes and Noble.  

Besides my book fetish, Barnes and Noble has free WiFi and coffee.  And cookies.  Can't forget the cookies.

Enjoying a coffee and a cookie, some reading and some knitting at Barnes and Noble.

The wonderful folks building a house down the street from us cut the internet cable so I'm happily typing away at the local Barnes and Noble, drinking Trenta iced coffees and eating cookies.  And knitting.  Of course I'm knitting.

See that project bag that coordinates so well with my knitting?  Anne, one of my knitting group buddies made it for me.  That's not a great photo of it.  I'm sitting at a tiny table with my computer, calendar (an 8.5 x 11 paper one!) my pen collection, my phone, my coffee and my cookie and my purse all spread out on the tiny little table.  And other patrons were giving me weird looks and I was too self conscious to continue trying to take a decent photo.

A knitting buddy made me a knitting project bag that coordinates with the shawl I'm knitting.

That photo is a little better.  It was taken at a knitting group meeting a few weeks ago.  

Any hoo - I love the bag.  It's the perfect small to medium sized project bag.  I can get two skeins of yarn, needles and most of a shawl in there.  And, it has a little claw hook hanging off one end where I can attach stitch markers or tiny scissors.  And see the stars?  They sparkle!  It looks like glitter splashed over the fabric but it's definitely not glitter.  I really, really love this bag.  And it doesn't hurt that my current project color coordinates.

And since it's #Unraveled Wednesday, let's talk books.  

Oh my goodness!  I started reading a new series (The Ariane Trilogy) on my Kindle. OMG!  I read the first two books (The Ash Moon and The Somber Call) in a little less than 36 hours.  Work got in the way of my immediately finishing the series but when I got home last night I started the third book, The Crucial Shift and read 82% before the need for sleep took over.

The Ash Moon written by Michelle Dare

Everyone at work was teasing me about reading the series.  First, it's YA but hey - I like YA books.  They are quick to read, usually very entertaining and they tend to be 'clean.'  The series is advertised as a paranormal romance.   In other words, it's a bit Twilight-ish.  But SO, so much better.  The human girl character takes care of herself and is anything but needy and the vampires in no way sparkle.  They are nice (for the most part) and funny, but they do not sparkle.  And there's ton's of action.  Oh, and did I mention, it's free on the Kindle. 


  1. That is a great bag - and a gorgeous shawl. Hope your home connection is back pronto!!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets happy when my project bag and my project match.

  3. I need a kindle subscription, that sounds like a great book. I like non sparkling vampires.
    That project bag looks really good.

  4. Your project bag and coordinating knitting are both beautiful, and I do hope your internet cable is restored soon!

  5. So does your husband yell at you when you stay up late reading like mine does me? LOL

  6. That is a pretty project bag and shawl. I mean to try my hand at making one or two bags this summer. And what is the yarn you are knitting with? I hope your internet connection is restored soon.

  7. I do love that project bag! And, I am with Jane - making some similar bags are on my "learn list" for this summer - my daughters have asked multiple times for something they can use for make up, etc. (no makers yet, sadly)

    And, reading that keeps you up late is the best!