Monday, May 20, 2019

52 Weeks - Favorite Books

I'm fairly confident that I've listed them here before, probably more than once, but today's 52 Weeks Blog Challenge is to list my favorite books.  Over the years, there have been many, many books that I have claimed as "my all time favorite" while I was reading it, but rarely did I ever re-read them over and over again, nor did they provide the emotional response of my 'official' all time favorites.  So...

In no particular order,

Jaws, by Peter Benchley.  It was originally published in 1974 but I think it was probably 1976 or 1977 before I discovered it.  I love a good scare and it became my tradition to read it every summer either while laying on the beach, or by the pool.  By the late  '80's, I'd replaced reading it with watching the movie and by the mid '90's, I slowed my obsession with the tale down to only reading/watching it once every two or three years.  I think Jaws is the only book turned movie that I like equally well on paper or film.

The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher.  Ahhh.... what a wonderful love story!  I'll never forget my boss, Nancy, forcing me to read it.  She practically threatened to fire me if I didn't read it.  I remember I kept asking her what it was about and she kept saying "a family" and I kept thinking "How boring!"  Boy was I wrong!  I haven't read The Shell Seekers anywhere near as many times as Jaws, but it was a favorite summer read for many, many years.  To this day, whenever I see people picking up shells on the beach, over grown English gardens or a house crammed full with too much furniture, I'm reminded of this book.  Where ever you are today Nancy, thank you for introducing me to The Shell Seekers.

The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard.  I have Opera to thank for this one.  I only read the book once and I could only read a few paragraphs at a time.  The story was just that emotional!  I doubt I'll ever read it a second time, but the story of the family's struggles has stuck with me.  I also have this book to thank for my Way over protective, 'stay with me and don't talk to strangers' behavior while my kids were growing up.  Heck, the kids are both in their mid 20's now and I still worry that someone might snatch them.   Thanks Opera!

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi.  I'm not sure this book actually falls into the 'favorite' category but I have read it many times.  It was the first true crime book I ever read and the whole story fascinated me.  The way Manson was able to control and manipulate people and the stories of him doing things like staring at the clock in the court room and the clock stopping.... just fascinates me.  And gives me goose bumps.  And, my best friend throughout my 20's had lived just a few houses away from the LaBiancas.  That, of course, just made the story that much more interesting.  And terrifying.  Have I mentioned I like a good scare?


  1. I love the shell seekers too! The other ones are not really my thing. Unlike you, I don't like scary books ;-)

  2. My mother love the Shell Seekers too. It was one of the last books she read. I remember having to get it from the library for her. The Mister also loved Helter Skelter. I was never a true crime fan until recently thanks to the Golden State book so I'll have to check it out. Right now I am listening to the Green River book and just watched the Ted Bundy docudrama on Netflix. Golly. I wonder what all this is doing to my brain.

  3. I love the Shell Seekers -- and I remember reading Jaws when I was in high school (just before the movie came out). I was petrified!!! I know I've read The Deep End of the Ocean, too -- but never Helter Skelter. It's fun to think about favorite books.