Monday, May 13, 2019

52 Weeks - Childhood

Today's 52 Weeks Blog Challenge topic is what I miss most about my childhood.  That one's pretty easy.

I miss hanging out in the garage with my dad while he built things with wood.

I miss being skinny and limber.

I used to be skinny.  Senior Prom, 1980

I miss having silent knees.

I miss the fishpond we had in our backyard.

Gloucester Banks, Gloucester Point, York River VA
Sitting on the porch with Dad, Gloucester Banks, 1964

I miss going to Gloucester Banks.  I spent the summers of my youth there and have THE best memories.  There wasn't a care in the world other than being caught swimming the river.  I still can't believe that at nine or ten years old, we not only survived swimming across the York river but we never got caught by our parents. We'd swim across, run around Yorktown then swim back. It's a very wide river, right at the mouth of the bay.  We could so easily have been sucked out to sea.  If my kids Ever pulled a stunt like that....  But boy did we have fun!

Gloucester Banks at Gloucester Point

I miss Coke in a small green bottle.

playing dress up and acting silly

I miss my childhood friends and our silly antics.

I miss having someone else prepare all my meals.

I miss having $10 and thinking I was the richest person in the world.


  1. What a great list! My aunt and her family lived in Gloucester Point for years (the whole time they were raising their family - 1960's - 90's) - we visited a couple of times but I don't remember much about it. Looks like a wonderful place to spend a summer vacation!

  2. What great and fun pictures! And yes - $10 was a TON of money back then in my youth.

  3. I miss the skinny and limber part too. I have a real love hate thing going on with my body these days. I love that I'm still alive but hate what I becoming. My mom died young so I never saw her grow old. Now every day is a surprise and not the good kind.

  4. That's a great list! I mostly miss that life was simpler and slower back then...

  5. I miss thin, but I miss limber more!!! If I were young again I would take better care of my hips, not that it would have helped my displasia, but at least maybe the torn labrum might not have happened! I also miss getting ice cream in my PJs on a warm summer night. It's not like others go in their PJs to places like Walmart and such. LOL

  6. Oh I miss having my mom cook all the meals too! I get tired of cooking. I have to think about what I miss: I miss my golden retriever Huck, I miss my mom, I miss my kids being home more, and I miss my stick shift little honda, civic

  7. What a fun post!
    I miss being thin, too. Isn't it funny that so many of us miss that?
    I miss being around my brothers all the time, going out for pizza with my friends, asking my dad questions about history (he was like an encyclopedia).