Friday, April 12, 2019

Where am I?

Where am I?  I find myself asking that a lot.  

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It's been ages, years actually, since I talked about where I can be found on the web.  If you find yourself on any of these social media locations, please stop by and say hello.

While it seems obvious, the blog, Jeannie Gray Knits, can be found at

My Etsy shop is located at

On Ravelry, I'm jeanniegrayknits

On Instagram, I'm jgknits

My Facebook (yes, I'm old school) address is

And on Twitter,  I'm

It's been suggested that I join Snapchat but I've never gotten around to it.  Are you on that site and do you have thoughts, good or bad about joining?

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And, most Wednesday evenings, I can be found live and in person at The Center of the Yarniverse's Sit and Stitch gathering.

Stop by and say hello and if you know of some other fabulous place I should be, of course, let me know.


  1. We are all over the place these days. I did give up Facebook. That level of interaction makes me uncomfortable. I do like Twitter because I am anonymous over there so I can just put in my 2 cents worth without offending anyone.

  2. I am taking a social media break this month, but I'm usually on Instagram. I gave up Facebook almost two years ago and miss it not at all. I've never been on Twitter, and Snapchat is a big NO. I do like Ravelry for knitting and Goodreads for reading, though. :-)

  3. I haven't posted on Facebook in YEARS!! And rarely look at it. I do look at IG, but don't comment and don't post. No Twitter and no Snapchat. I use Ravelry to store patterns and that's it!

    How far out of Richmond is Yarniverse? I may be in Richmond at the beginning of May...

  4. I did snap chat for about a month. Then we all lost interest. Im on insta. Facebook, but not often. my blog! and Rav too. I hang out on Pinterest when I need ideas!

  5. For a moment I was afraid we were going to have to do an intervention!! Glad you found yourself.