Thursday, April 4, 2019

Three on Thursday

I'm joining Carol and friends for Three on Thursday.

Three totally random things -

1.  The 'season' has started, I'm back to work and have increased my normal, winter time step count by over 8,000 steps each day I've clocked in.  I'm sure I'll be skinny any day now.  I'm also in need of a nap.

2.  I cleaned out my Spam folder the other day and along with multiple 1) requests to respond to Rachel, my hot, naughty, Russian neighbor, 2) offers for little blue pills and/or body part enhancers and 3) notices that I've won large cash prizes and need to claim them, there were also several offers for me to "get a sexy girlfriend."  And now, I have Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles stuck in my head repeating, "Oooh, sexy girlfriend."

3.  My hair!  Oh my goodness!  I seem to be going through a spring shed.  My hair is not falling out in clumps, but single hairs, continuously.  I mean, like one a minute continuously.  I've let my hair grow and it hasn't been this long for five or six years so maybe the found hairs are just more noticeable.  I don't know.  But good grief!  If it keeps up like this, I may have something to worry about.  Right now, I'm focusing on the happy fact that all the hairs I'm finding laying everywhere are gray ones.  The few brown ones I have left are still clinging to my head thankfully.


  1. Long gray hair looks great. . . just sayin! ;-)

  2. I've been shedding like that for years. I can't believe I'm not bald.

  3. I go through those spells too...and what Kym said...long grey hair can be great!

  4. Yup - I'm definitely losing more hair than I used to and grey is great!! (Think Bonnie Raitt and Emmy Lou Harris)

  5. You are too funny, I am imagining your hair taking inventory and only allowing the gray ones to fall out. LOL!