Thursday, April 18, 2019

Three on Thursday - Socks

I know it's a little early to be thinking about what to knit during summer's heat.  After all, half the country had a big snow storm last week and there's still a nice layer of pollen on the cars  here in the south.  That indicates spring, but... It's almost Easter which means at least in my mind, it's almost summer, and we had a massive thunder storm the other night which left cold winds and a definite drop in the temperatures.  And now my toes are cold. Again.

All that means, I'm thinking about socks.  Or more specifically, my desperate need to restock my sock drawer.  So today's three Three on Thursday things are sock patterns I'm considering. 

Adult sized, textured socks knit with speckled yarn.  Free pattern on Ravelry.
Amanda Stephens' Speckled Space Socks

Normally I just knit plain vanilla socks with self striping yarn but I'm thinking I should jazz up my knitting a bit.  I have a lot of this type of speckled yarn in my stash pile already.
115-34 Socks with cables and rib

Or maybe I'll knit a cable or two.  I love this design because I wouldn't have to commit to cabling the entire length of the sock. 

Free sock pattern on Ravelry.  Sock designed for self striping yarn.
Nutkin designed by Beth LaPensee

And this design looks like it would be quite simple to adjust for my boat sized feet.

And now for the hard part.  Deciding which to knit.  All three patterns are free on Ravelry, by the way.


  1. Decisions, decisions....they are all lovely!

  2. They're all lovely! The last one looks very interesting.
    And I think you're on to something regarding hot weather knitting. I've been struggling to find something fun to knit here. Maybe socks are the answer. I won't need many (just when we're visiting in the Netherlands), but I'm not a fast sock knitter anyway...

  3. That's gonna be a hard choice - maybe knit all three? I'm worried that if I start another pair it might tempt the weather gods to keep offering up these chilly mornings!

  4. Nice choices! I've knit Nutkin and it's a fun pattern. The middle one is pretty, but I pretty much dislike ribbing...I would maybe do the cable and then plain vanilla. The speckled pattern is really pretty. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  5. I've knit Nutkin as well. I'm going to add the first two to my queue, I really like them both. And I have a bit of the speckley yarn as well. Another pattern for speckled yarn is Vintage Fairy Lights.

  6. HA HA I just went to add speckled space socks to my queue and it is already there. Is the Universe telling me what I should knit next?

  7. What great designs! And it's always so nice to find a free one. . .

  8. I usually go on Revelry and see the notes from folks who have tried the pattern. They usually give me insight into whether i want to knit it or not

  9. I like the Speckled Space design. That looks interesting but not too difficult. I like doing lace and other patterns on socks, but I don't want to spend too much time on something that is largely unseen.

    If I'm remembering correctly, Nutkin is one of those patterns that some people swear by and others say doesn't fit their fit. If you want to do that one, read the comments!