Tuesday, April 2, 2019

On the Needles - Kroy

Phew!  I finally finished re-knitting February's cut off stitches back onto my Patons Kroy diagonally striped blanket.  What a time consuming ordeal!  But, it's done and I can move on and hopefully learn from that mistake.  

Knitting a diagonally striped blanket with scrap yarn.  https://www.ravelry.com/projects/jeanniegrayknits/kroy-blanket
Patons Kroy Diagonally Striped Scrap Blanket

To celebrate finally getting to knit with 'new' yarn  instead of my self-made sock blank and because it was a glorious spring day, I picked up a skein of Meadow Stripes which really stands out on the blanket.  'Stands out' as in clashes with the rest of the blanket.  

Meadow Stripes is bright greens, blues, pinks and reds and looks nothing like the other mostly muted colors I've been using but I've decided not to care that it looks weird.  The idea behind the blanket is to use up some of the zillions of skeins of Patons Kroy in my stash.  And at some point, there will be a bright turquoise and magenta striped skein added in so ....  So yeah.  I'm just not going to worry about it looking weird.  It's a 'scrap' blanket - it's supposed to look weird.

Another thing I finally finished - I finished reading Disturb Not the Dream.  It wasn't anywhere near as scary as I remember it being, although there was a lot of unpleasant sex in the form of incest and rape.  Perhaps that's what I found so scary when I read it the first time.  I was pretty young and innocent back in those days.  This go round, I found the book to be much more disturbing than terrifyingly scary.

The next book in my queue is By the Unholy Hand by Kathryn Le Veque which I've just started reading.  I'm not sure I'll finish it though.  It's full of typos and grammatical errors.  The story has to be awfully good to put up with that.  I'll probably read another chapter or two before making the decision to finish or delete it from the Kindle.  It's a medieval knights' tale which is a genre I normally enjoy so we'll see how it goes.


  1. I say the scrappier the better. I had no idea Kroy had that many colorways.

  2. I love your scrappy blanket with all its color. The new shades will just add some zing to it!

  3. That is one gorgeous shawl! I love the striping and it looks like a soothing knit.

  4. I love the blanket ... and I'm kind of in awe that you have all those "scraps" sitting around waiting to be worked into something pretty. (and I also love that now there are two more books I do not need to add to my list. just sayin' ;-)

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  6. Look at you living on the edge! I love the colors!!!