Monday, April 29, 2019

52 Weeks - Work Detail

Today's 52 Weeks Blog Challenge topic has me telling you about some random, interesting detail about my job.  That gets tricky because about 99% of my job is confidential and I'm not allowed to discuss it.   But there is one thing that, while not in the least bit interesting, you may enjoy.

My stapler.  Our office can not keep a working stapler!  We frequently have to send our staplers out into the park and they are constantly getting broken so we have to send out another.... and before you know it, we have six people sharing one stapler that only half way works.  

So I bought my own.  Most of the office staplers are black or gray so I bought a white one.  (I really, really wanted a red Swingline but even I couldn't justify the price.)  I love my white stapler.  And because it's white, everyone knows it's mine and not to send it out into the park.  Except, our desks are white and every time I'd reach for my stapler, it would blend into the background and I wouldn't see it.  

DIY decorated Swingline stapler
My stapler is a coffee addict.

So I added stickers.  Now I can find my stapler on my desk and I love it even more.


  1. I bought that expensive red stapler for son when he graduated law school. I wonder if he still has it.

  2. Now that's a very unique stapler!
    Isn't it funny how the most simple tools are always what you seem to need most (and are taken by others who need it too)?
    This also reminds me of the story of the office I worked at from 2001 till 2007. They once had a young girl going through office supplies and ordering what was needed. So she ordered 100 boxes of staples, thinking that meant 100 of those small boxes you keep in your drawer. For 25 people shuffling a lot of paper, that's not too much. But she must have forgotten to check the price, because she actually ordered 100 big boxes that held 200 of those smaller boxes. The story was already old when I worked there, but I think they still working through those staples, expecially since they've gone paperless about 10 years ago...

  3. Love it! I just have mini sized ones, I think I need a big one now!! With stickers.

  4. I love my stapler - it's blue! but it doesn't have stickers ... so of course yours is way cooler ;-)