Monday, April 8, 2019

52 Weeks - OCD Habits

Today's 52 Weeks Blog Challenge topic is my OCD habits, more specifically, what are they.  I don't know if they can truly be considered OCD, but they are weird little habits that I obsess over.  Except 'obsess over' isn't exactly right.  I don't sit around thinking about them, but I sure do throw a fit if they aren't done or aren't done right.

So, my list of OCD habits:

1.  The dishwasher.  The dishwasher has to be loaded correctly or I loose my flipping mind.  And by "correctly," I mean the coffee cups on the right side, the glasses on the left.  And for damn sure, you better load the plates into the back row before you start putting them in the front. 

The plate thing is more a matter of convenience.  If someone loads the front row with dinner plates, they block the back row and it's hard to get anything back there without pulling the rack so far out it comes off the hinges.  The coffee cups vs. glasses is just .... well, it's just the way it should be.  And thus, it's my #1 OCD habit.

2.  When starting out on a journey in the car, I have to apply my lipstick before I buckle my seat belt.  Have to. When my husband drives, it makes me a little nuts because he doesn't wait for me to go through the ritual before he starts off down the driveway.  We'll be moving before I get my seat belt buckled and that makes me a little crazy too.

3.  I have a thing about 'finishing' a pen.  I love LOVE pens where you can see the ink level and I get a weird amount of joy out of using the last of the ink.  That joy almost ranks up there with the thrill of yarn shopping.  

ball point pen with removable cap and visible ink level
Acceptable pen, photo courtesy of

4.  Another pen thing - pens with removable caps MUST have their cap put on the end of the pen or I can't write with it.  If the cap is missing, I can't deal.  The pen becomes unbalanced in my hand and I just can't deal with the sensation.  The pen above is fine.  The idea of writing with the one pictured below makes me so uncomfortable I can barely look at it.

Ball point pen without a cap
Unacceptable!  Photo courtesly of
5.  The knives in the kitchen knife rack have assigned slots and although the different knives may fit in various slots, you better put them in the right slot or I loose my mind.  Knives put in the wrong slots bug me maybe even worse than misplaced dishes in the dishwasher.

And last but not least (apparently my OCD is most prevalent in the kitchen,)

6.  Hanging pots and pans should be hung in size order, smallest on the left.  Nobody in my family understands this and it drives me completely crazy.  I feel like I spend more time rearranging the hanging pots and pans than I do doing laundry.  And I do an awful lot of laundry.

Now, don't you feel mentally healthy and normal?  


  1. hummmm... I share a few of those habits ;-) I'm learning to let go a little in the kitchen because my now-retired husband is willing to cook and cleanup, but I completely own re-loading the dishwasher most nights after he's gone to bed!

  2. I have the same issue with the pen thing if it makes you feel any better. I also can't put on my seat belt until I am safely backed out of our long driveway. It makes the car go crazy ding, ding, dinging but I just can't "see" if I'm buckled in.

  3. LOL - I can relate to the kitchen ones so well. Except that I don't have a dishwasher. Probably a good thing - lol.

  4. Girl, we need to live together!!! We would get along so well. 1) Pictures must be hanging straight, I will fix them even if I do not live in your house. 2) sparsely loaded dishwashers where the items aren't nested properly, looking at YOU Hubster. 3) Towels folded with the tags on the outside!!! I will refold them. 4) Getting bills handed to me with the faces in all directions. They will be righted, and placed in order of value in my wallet, before I leave the cashier's stand. I could go on, but we don't have all day.