Thursday, March 14, 2019

Three on Thursday

Well, you might want to skip reading today's Three on Thursday post.  It's mostly me whining and throwing myself a giant pity party.  And it gets a little graphic.  But, if you ever find yourself in my situation, I do have some helpful information.  Here goes:

1.  I went to the dentist to get x-rays and to make a plan.  Sadly, I'm having some issues and will be spending a lot of my summer in the chair.

A trip to the dentist

Instead of x-rays and a plan, I got one x-ray and a pulled tooth.

2.  I spent the remainder of the day (and most of the night) sucking on tea bags and binge watching True Blood.  It seemed appropriate.

Do you know about sucking on tea bags when you have a bloody mouth for what ever reason?  Soak a teabag (caffeinated green or black tea) in cold water then stick in your mouth over the bloody place.  The tannic acid helps stop bleeding.  Sounds crazy but it really does work.  And, if you get the right flavored tea, it tastes a lot better than bloody gauze.

What's the right flavored tea?  Definitely not Lipton's green tea.  Yuck-O!  I'll admit though - I'm not a fan of green tea to begin with so sucking on a green tea bag was just - Ick!  ICK!  Next I tried 'regular' Luzianne but all we had was Family Size bags and I couldn't begin to close my mouth around the giant bag.  I went to the pantry shelf full of "special" tea and most were either decaf, cinnamon or peppermint flavored (thought that might not be best for an open wound) or they'd expired five years ago.  (We rarely drink "special" tea, although I love the idea of it and buy it frequently.)  But there on the back of the shelf - Yes!  A tin of Barnes & Nobles' Autumn Orange.  Okay, so it was expired too, but only by a little bit.

By the way, expired Barnes & Nobles Autumn Orange bags taste pretty good.  Good enough to over power the blood taste.  And they stopped the bleeding eventually.  Yay!

3.  And  now I'm on the "cold and old" diet.  That's what I've named it.  For 24 hours after the bleeding stopped, I can only have cold foods.  Cold, unlumpy, soft foods.  

So now I'm drinking yesterday's left over cold coffee.  You know you're a coffee addict when the dentist tells you cold foods only and your Very first thought is, "But what about my coffee?"

And did you know that there are no cold, non-lumpy soft foods that aren't pure sugar?  Apple sauce, ice cream, pudding and jello.  Ugh!   I mean, ice cream is Yay!  But even ice cream gets old if it's all you eat over a 48 hour window.

Because at work, never fail, as soon as I heat my food, some crisis happens and I end up eating my food cold an hour later.  It never fails!  But, it has taught me that I like cold cauliflower smashed up like mashed potatoes.  And today I discovered cold scrambled eggs with a tiny dollop of mayonnaise to hide the cold egg flavor isn't bad.  

So yeah, I'm calling it my "cold and old" diet.   But it's okay.  the diet is working!  I've already lost three pounds and tomorrow I get to eat warm soup.  But for now, I think I'll go finish off the ice cream.


  1. Oh, no. That's a big ouchie. I've been having some chewing issues myself but want to put any remedies off until after son's wedding in early May. I never do teeth things well and I can just imagine looking like a chipmunk in all the photos.
    Feel better!

  2. You poor dear! I hope your diet isn't for much longer. Although I guess I could benefit from the cold and old diet for a few days. LOL!

  3. SORRY! and ouch! I had a tooth pulled last Spring so I knew about the tea bag trick. I did not have to stick with cold foods fact ate dinner that night!!

  4. I'm a fan of cold mashed potatoes but not sure that everyone is.

  5. Sorry about your dental issues. Ugh. I'd be drinking smoothies, I think. Lots of smoothies. Hope your gums heal quickly. XO

  6. I am so sorry for your dental woes (trauma?). Sending you quick healing!!!

  7. That vision of sucking on a family-sized tea bag made me laugh so hard! Enjoy your warm soup tomorrow (and I love to hear that you like a little mayo with your scrambled eggs, or at least you did today--it's my absolute favorite!) Well wishes your way...

  8. Woops! the mayo comment was from Carolyn :)

  9. Oh man - this dental procedure sounds like no fun at all. I am a veteran of many dental procedures and I would rather go to the md any day. Take good care and feel better soon.