Thursday, March 28, 2019

Three on Thursday - Happy Days

I'm feeling pretty happy on this fine Thursday morning and because it's Thursday, I'll share three reasons why.

1.  My daughter gave me this adorable little succulent.  I haven't planted it yet but it fits perfectly into this rarely used, almost thirty year old coffee cup.  Actually,  I may never plant it, or at least not until it's grown enough to need a larger container than this old coffee cup.

This yarn is so soft!
Eliot Capretta from Knit Picks

2.  Capretta.  More specifically, Capretta (#affiliate) in the Eliot colorway.  Knit Picks describes it as "golden rod" and "slate blue" but to me, it's more...  pond scummy colored.  Well, maybe not pond scum, but definitely pollen on pond water colored.  What ever.  I love LOVE it and can't wait to knit something with it. Now, if I could only decide what to knit.  I'd bought the yarn with socks in mind but I'm just not feeling it now.  A single skein of Capretta contains 460 yards of fingering weight yarn so I have a lot of options.  Too many options.  Y'all know how bad I am at decision making.  Suggestions, as in specific pattern names or links, would be welcome.

3.  The dentist.  So yeah, this one is a huge surprise.  I Hate going to the dentist.  My childhood dentist was a horrible, horrible man, as in, he was sentenced to 55 years in prison with no chance of parole horrible.  And he scared me for life.  But I've finally found a dentist that I like.  I can sleep the night before an appointment and I don't vomit the morning of with this new guy.  And he's cheap!  Because of my fear, not to mention the lack of dental insurance, I didn't go as often as I should have in the past and well, now I have a mess to deal with.  But like I said, this new dentist is cheap!  I received the estimate for everything I need to have done yesterday and it's thousands less than expected.  Thousands!  Thousands with an "s" less than expected.  I am a very happy camper.


  1. That is such a sweet little plant! I miss having houseplants. Since the kitties adopted us I can't even bring cut flowers in the house. They eat them.

  2. Cute succulent and it looks great in the cup. You NEED to knit a Hitchhiker! Fun, Easy pattern to memorize, great design. Good luck with the dentist - glad you found someone you like - makes a world of difference (speaking from experience).

  3. Love that yarn! Autumn Blush comes to mind. Although don't read my notes in Rav on that project. LOL! It's the BO I took issue with. Fiddly pattern, but gorgeous drape and design.

  4. Let us know how that Capretta knits up. It is a pretty color for sure. I may recognize the china pattern in that coffee cup. The succulent looks cute in the cup. Good idea!

  5. those are definitely three good things!

    for the yarn, I think something to wear around your neck ... and my favorite single color fingering weight pattern of late is Joji Locatelli's Monochrome Cowl You'd have to make some tweaks to work with your yardage but I LOVE mine ... and I'd be happy to suggest some modifications if you're interested.

  6. Good news about the new dentist, really bad news about the old one. Love your new yarn.