Monday, March 4, 2019

The Jeweled Cowl

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I'm going to be a beading expert when I finish knitting my latest project.

Knitting a beaded cowl with Knit Picks Preciosa yarn.
blue & green sea glass beads

I'm knitting a Jeweled Cowl.  I started it, using blue & green sea glass beads I had in my bead stash.  I couldn't decide what beads to use and I'd asked my Wednesday night knitting group for help with the decision.  Everyone agreed with the sea glass but.... Turns out, they were a poor choice.  They completely disappeared into the yarn.  I frogged that version and started over.

Knitting with Preciosa fingering tonal merino.
Retro Blue beads on Preciosa

This time, I'm using "Retro Blue" with a few other slightly more sparkly beads thrown into the mix.  Although there isn't that much difference in the photos, there is a huge difference in real life and I'm much happier this go round.  Good thing because every other row is beaded.  There are only 14 beads per row, but with placing them every other row, it seems like I'm constantly putting on a bead.  

The yarn I'm using is Knit Pick's Preciosa and I'm loving it!  It's been in my stash long enough that I don't remember ordering it.  I absolutely Love the color and I've picked it up and thought about knitting with it 1,000 times, but I've always put it back in the drawer.  It's a single ply merino and my experience with single plies are that they tend to be splity (splitty?? One or two T's?? Spellcheck doesn't like either spelling.) and well, I've just never overly enjoyed knitting anything with single ply yarn.  But I had those sea glass beads and they looked so good with the skein and...  

And now I'm kicking myself for not knitting up this yarn sooner.  It's an absolute delight!   It is SO soft and not splity/splitty at all.  Even after frogging my first attempt and having to fight to get a few of the beads off, the yarn showed no wear at all.  I will definitely be ordering more of this yarn in other colors.

Drat!  But, Cool!  I just jumped over to the Knit Picks website to see what other colors the yarn comes in and... I see my skein of fingering weight Preciosa is so old, Knit Picks doesn't even sell it anymore.  They only have it in worsted now.  But that's cool because I was thinking I'd like to have a sweater knit out of this yarn and a worsted weight sweater would knit up a lot quicker than a fingering weight one.

Besides knitting, I'm also still on a reading kick.  So far, my Kindle is hanging in there although it looses 1% of it's battery life every six minutes.  That just means I need to read faster!
The King Tides

I'm currently reading The King Tides.  My Kindle is appreciating that it's a fast paced read.  I'm having a hard time putting it down.


  1. How lovely! I haven't knitted with beads in ages.

  2. I love bead knitting but it does slow the process down, doesn't it?

  3. That shawl is so pretty! I've never knit with beads...I'm thinking it's one of those things that would drive me crazy - lol.

  4. So pretty! OK, too many of you are knitting with beads right now, it's too tempting!!

  5. ooh! beading! lovely knitting and the beads add some bling :)

  6. That yarn is really beautiful and beads make it even better!

  7. I have not done any beaded knitting in perhaps too long! Your knitting is gorgeous and inspiring!

    My only caution on knitting a sweater with a "single" and not plied yarn - it pills, badly.

  8. The beads and yarn are lovely; good luck with your Kindle. Time for a new one? Guess they can wear out, too!

  9. The Preciosa color you have is gorgeous! Also, google "replace battery in a Kindle." It is apparently relatively easy and WAY cheaper than a new Kindle.