Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bats in the Bellfry

I had a different topic planned for today, but life was just too strange to ignore.

So, while at work Sunday afternoon, I received a panicked text from my daughter that there was a black widow spider in the house.  I laughed it off because well, she does share my DNA.  It stands to reason that she too would believe that all black spiders are black widows and all brown spiders are brown recluses.  They are!  I'm sure of it!

Thankfully my husband arrived home before I did and took care of the spider situation because.... It really was a black widow!  A rather large one!  A big black widow spider in our house!  Hanging out, plain as day in the front entry area!  Yikes!

We (meaning Sarah & I) are a little jumpy now and flinching at every shadow.  But, we (meaning Mike) are doing a lot of painting inside the house, some of it near our front door and maybe the black widow came in on a tarp that had been stored out in the garage.  The idea isn't great, but it's better than believing we've been sharing the house with Mrs. Killer Spider for any length of time.

But then things got weirder.

Late that night, I'm hanging out in the living room reading a scary book (Disturb Not the Dream,) and suddenly hear my burly, tough-man husband screaming like a little girl.  

There was a bat flying around the bedroom.

What kind of zoo are we running here??

High fashion protective gear to wear while removing bats from inside the house.
Bat removal protective gear

And guess who had to get rid of it.  Yep, me.  (In good faith and to not totally emasculate my husband, I did already have shoes on.)  Good thing it wasn't my first bat rodeo and I had the proper protective gear.

As for the scary book, I read Disturb Not the Dream many, many years ago as a teenager.  It terrified me!  If memory serves, it was the first hardback book I ever bought for myself as an 'adult' and it still sits proudly on my favorite books book shelf.  The title recently showed up on my Amazon You Might Like This Book list and since I didn't remember anything about it at all other than shear terror, I decided to read it again.  I'm only a quarter of the way through it and haven't been terrified yet, but I am shocked at how brutal and violent it is.  I imagine the terror won't be too far into my future.

Diagonally knit, garter stitch blanket knit with miscellaneous skeins of Patons Kroy Sock yarn,
Kroy Sock blanket 

And to throw a little knitting into the story, I've been focused on re-knitting my Kroy Sock blanket instead of working on the beaded cowl.  I really, really want to finish the cowl but I can't read and bead at the same time.


  1. Ewww. I live in fear of bats-in-the-belfry. Up at our cottage, we have bats (I'm talking LOTS of bats) that congregate on our front porch each night. They're creepy in that bat way -- but I know how good they are for the environment, and they do eat a lot of mosquitoes, I'm sure. But. WHAT IF ONE GETS IN THE HOUSE! So far, in nearly 25 years . . . they haven't. (But now I know what protective gear I need. Just in case.) :-)

  2. Yikes! The Black Widow is worse in my mind than the bat. I kind of like bats...though once, decades ago, when Fletch had a room in someone's attic, there was a bat flying around at night. It was July or August and hot as blazes, but I slept under covers all night and even had a sleeping bag pulled over my head! LOL.

  3. I think you need a vacation from reality! LOL. Hoping the creepy crawlies and airborne vermin stay away!

  4. So scary! Both spiders and bats scare the hell out of me. Our new maybe house has some bat occupants... I hope they'll cooperate when we ask them to leave.

  5. I would not be happy about a black widow spider at all. eep!

  6. We've had 5-6 bats in the house in 29 years, and I'm the one cowering under the covers while my husband arms himself with gloves, a towel, and a tennis racket to get rid of it. I live in fear that someday I'll have a bat in the house and my husband will be traveling. I never even thought about black widows! I hope you're done with wildlife for a while.

  7. Bats I have no issues with. And, we recently had a darned mouse in the house (and my significant other is terrified of them, lol)

    But bugs - that is an entirely different story. If I found a black widow, I am sorry - but that is moving out time for me! LOL

  8. My goodness you have been busy with pests. A black widow, now that is scary. I bet the bat was more scared than you but I bet that spider was not scared at all. Yikes!