Monday, March 11, 2019

52 Weeks Challenge - In Ten Years...

Today's 52 Weeks Challenge is "Ten years from now..." and it shouldn't be a hard post to write.  For the first time ever, for my 2019 non-resolutions (I usually set annual goals but never call them resolutions) I made myself a "lifetime" vision board.  Basically, it's where I want to be in ten years.  In ten years I'll be at retirement age and hopefully pretty much settled into the life I will lead up until I'm so riddled with Alzheimer's I no longer know who I am.

Being my first-ever vision board, it's fairly basic, but I'm happy with it.  It represents what I want out of life.  And what I want is:

To be living debt free on a body of water.  If I had my preference, it would be a tidal river, but I'll take a very large pond.  It needs to be water that's swimable and canoe or kayakable.  But again, I'd prefer a nice tidal river that's motor and sailboat navigable.  But that debt free part of the description is important too so... I may have to settle for a pond.

We'll have a nice garden full of flowers and vegetables.  I'm not sure how this will happen seeing as though I am Not a gardener.  I can't even grow weeds and the moment I start to sweat or see a bug I head back indoors but...  A nice garden I will have.  

The house will be casually, but nicely decorated.  And clean.  And full of family and friends.  We'll get back into the habit of having Friday Night Suppers where friends, family & neighbors just show up and gather for an evening of good food and conversation. 

We will have a well trained dog.  Or two.  Or even five.  Well, maybe not five seeing as though our number one goal is to be debt free.

Mike and I will be healthy and lead an active lifestyle.

When I'm not swimming, sailing or paddling in our water, I will spend my days sitting on the porch, watching the water while writing

 and/or knitting. And the knitting may even earn me a bit of income.


  1. What a wonderful plan!!! That was my dream 10 years ago and I almost have it all. I didn't get my garden out of the deal and this time of year I really miss it. I had to give it up to get near the water. Instead of making jelly and pickles I make soap so I guess it's all good.

  2. Cute bungalow with hydrangeas all around, close to or on the Atlantic, matters not which state. Or some reptile free waterway. Upstairs sewing/knitting loft all to myself! Porch swing in the front, fire pit in the back. Can I have a personal chef? LOL

  3. Oh yes!!! This sounds so nice.