Thursday, February 7, 2019

Three on Thursday

I've had the urge to do some beaded knitting so today's Three on Thursday topic is, which pattern should I choose?

A beaded lace shawl to knit
Fenberry Shawl

The Fenberry shawl?  This one is my favorite looks-wise, but not the type of thing I'd generally wear.

Garter stitch shawl with a little beading

Smash?  I like this Pinterest version much better than the version pictured on Ravelry.  Besides, I don't think the Ravelry version is beaded.  There's only a tiny bit of beading so it should be a quick knit but...  I'm a little tired sick to death of garter stitch.

beaded shawl scarf

Or, Charmayne?  Looks to be a pretty simple design and it's the type of thing I'd wear, but that seems like an awful lot of beads.

Each of them would bring me joy.  

Aack!  I can't decide.  


  1. All 3 are pretty...but better you than me. I don't think I have the patience for beading.

  2. I think beaded shawls are just lovely ... but I don't like to knit them much. I like the middle one best -- but I hear you on the garter stitch. The third one is lovely, too. But that's a LOT of beads. Have fun!

  3. Charmayne with fewer beads? You could center them or do every other row (center means that wherever there is a bead, the places around it where a bead *might* go don't have beads.

  4. Fenberry!! And then you can just give it to me. Cause I would wear it.

  5. My heart stood still when I saw the Fenberry shawl. I LOVE IT. I just may have to start one myself.