Thursday, February 14, 2019

Three on Thursday - Valentines

Welcome to Three on Thursday, Valentine's style.  

Nope, we're not all lovey-dovey, we're just writing in red today.  We're also joining Carole for a backwards Three on Thursday list.

My three...

I had three squares left to knit on my mitered square blanket.

And then there was one square left to knit.

And suddenly, I was done!  What a fantastic feeling!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
    Can't wait to see the whole blanket. Maybe I'll be tempted to start one.
    I think I'm about to find my knitting mojo. It was lost for a while ;-)

  2. Woo hoo!!!!! Congrats on the finish.

  3. Yay for done! Now it's time to cuddle under the blanket!

  4. Nicely done!! I want to see the entire blanket too!!

  5. beautiful scrap knitting and I do love all the colors!!

  6. Whoo hoo! Will you take a photo of the entire blanket? I love a good scrappy project.