Monday, February 18, 2019

Talk about the weather

Let's talk about the weather.

Knitted 2018 Temperature guide scarf sewn into a cowl.
2018 Weather Cowl

2018's weather.  No one wants to talk about 2019's weather so far, although I am curious to know what colors people are using to represent the -50 degrees earlier this month.  

But back to 2018's weather.  I finished the knitting part of my 2018 weather scarf (cowl) on New Years Day and joined the ends sometime over the next week or two.... And then it sat.  And it will probably continue to just sit.  

I had fun knitting it and oddly, I enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with it on a (mostly) daily basis.  There were a few times I ran four or five days behind but I always got caught back up.  I never missed a day.  And I'm amazed by that.  I've said it before but.... I really never expected to keep up with the scarf for more than a few weeks.  And because of that, I didn't put much thought into the colors; I just used what I had in the stash.  So it's not as pretty as many I've seen.  The yellow is fairly harsh and the dark green isn't the best shade of green for the other colors... And bla bla bla.   I've said all that before.  But then when I sewed the ends together...  

Oops!  I'd knit the scarf/cowl in a tube and planned to sew the ends together to form a second tube... but somehow I twisted it so it sort of has an infinity scarf twist thing going on... But the fabric is kinda thick because the whole thing was knit in a tube...  And a twisted tube makes for bulky, weird looking cowl.  It doesn't look Horrible on the mannequin, but when I put it on... Somehow the bulkiness stands out even more and it's just plain weird.  So I doubt I'll ever wear it.  But I am proud of actually finishing it so I'll keep it.  (Marie Kondo will never be invited to my house!)

So, my completed weirdo weather cowl may not bring me tons of joy, but Peppermint Patties do!

We won't mention my busted "Z" key.  I'll save that one for a 30 Days of Things That Piss Me Off series.


  1. I do like the colors and I love peppermint patties! I'm also positive Marie Kondo will never be invited to my house. What a field day (month/year) she would have.

  2. I;m going to assume blocking the snot out of it won't help? Lovely colors though.

  3. I think weather-scarves (or cowls) are really fun! What a great way to track your year in weather. :-)

  4. I love the idea of a temperature cowl and yours is cute! I can see where winter came in.

  5. And here I was just thinking how wonderful the colors were together. I really love it. Try to wear it, I think you might be surprised at how fun it is to wear.