Wednesday, February 13, 2019

FO Joy

I'm very joyous today!

socks knit with Regia 6-fadig wool

I finally got around to kitchnering a pair of socks that have been languishing in the Kitchner Me pile for years.  Yes, years!  According to Ravelry, I started them sometime in the first part of 2016. I remember knitting them fairly quickly then tossing them into the dreaded Kitchner Me pile.  

If you couldn't tell, kitchnering is NOT my favorite knitting related task. 

According to Ravelry, the socks are knit with Regia 6-fadig.  They are nice and thick and I'm super excited to have a new pair of socks in the rotation.


  1. Woo hoo!!! I love that yarn. I don't ever think I've seen that one.

  2. I love those socks. I'd be happy to kitchener them for you!

  3. Those are beautiful - great colors. I don't mind the kitchener part of socks at all. For me it is very Zen-like.

  4. Next time that happens just send them to me, I'll kitchener them right away. Now, it might be a few years until you get them back, but I'm happy to help!

  5. love the socks, love the self striping and love that they are finished!