Thursday, January 24, 2019

Three on Thursday - Catching Up Part 3

I'm still playing catch up with all the Christmas hoopla.  Christmas was nice, but there were a few... issues.  And since I'm joining Carole for Three on Thursday...

December didn't always go our way this year.  It felt like we were in a bad country song.  Sing it with me - "My car won't start and my dog died..."  (actually that last part didn't happen until January.)


1.  The vehicles -

Sarah's car wouldn't start one morning so I had to get up and take her to school on something like 30 minutes of sleep.  Mike replaced her starter and all was good.  Luckily, Mike is a gear head and performs all of our auto repairs.  

Two days later, my car wouldn't run.  It would start, but it wouldn't go.  I ended up having to drive Mike's pickup truck to work.  Mike quickly got my car running, but in the process, the blower thing (very technical term) died and now it won't blow heat, defrost or air conditioning.  It's not a problem on warm, sunny days but with me working nights, in the constant and very cold rain (2018 was the second wettest year in recorded history!) and sometimes ice....  I need NEED defrost.

We decided it was a good excuse to take away the keys from Grandma.  She really shouldn't be driving and it was going to be a while before Mike could get my car fixed.  We went and picked up Grandma's mini van.  Sarah decided that she'd rather drive the van than her car, which tells you something about the state of her car.  Anyway.... Sarah's first trip out in the mini van and the brakes catch on fire.  I mean, like flames shooting out of the wheel well on fire.  Poor kid ended up hanging out at a WaWa for three hours waiting on her dad to come rescue her.

2.  The house -

Things seemed to go wrong in the house.  The shower hose sprung a leak and now the majority of the water hits the wall instead of you.

The washing machine sprang a leak in the hot water hose.  Every time you use any hot/warm water, the laundry room and nearby bathroom floods.  (It took us a while to determine if the washing machine or the toilet was the culprit.)

We had a slight mishap with the door at the bottom of the steps.
We replaced the upstairs carpet with wood flooring and my silly husband chose the wrong time to listen to me.  We were trying to get the old, heavy, rolled up carpet down the stairs and I suggested pushing it instead of carrying it.  Mike gave it a hard shove and...  

It flew down the stairs and slammed into the coat closet door.  It actually pushed the door into the closet and we ended up doing even more damage trying to get the door to open.  (We had to open it - all our coats were in there!)

3.  The family -

Sarah's newish (6 months old) laptop hinge broke and she can't shut the computer.  The computer she has to take to class with her every day.  And of course, this happened After we'd bought all her Christmas gifts, naturally.  And the dammed Best Buy won't warranty it.  After their lack of response to mine having issues on Day 32, I will NEVER buy another computer from them.  Just saying.

Sarah was my Christmas baker since I was working 11 or 12 hour shifts every day leading up to Christmas.  But she got the flu and it completely threw our schedule off.  Poor baby, she was so sick she didn't even get to attend the Christmas Eve festivities.  Amazingly, it was the first Christmas ever that one of the kids was too sick to participate.  Oh, and on top of me having to do the baking when I got home from work at 4 or 5 a.m., Minnie, (the dog that was so old she was having trouble walking, and would sometimes face-plant while just standing,) managed to get a container of 48 freshly baked Toll House cookies off the top of the refrigerator and ate all but 4 of them.  Dammed dog!  (Dammed dog that we all really miss!)

I cracked a tooth eating Cheez-Its.  Cheez-It's!  Not something exciting like special Christmas spiced nuts, hard Christmas candy or popcorn from the tree... Nope.  Cheez-Its!

Huh!  I just noticed - I have three sections for today's Three on Thursday and each of those sections has three items under it.  How weird/cool is that??

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh. That's a lot of . . . crap. . . to have to deal with all at one time. I think you're due for smoother 2019, for sure! (Maybe you should knit F-bombs for your whole family?) XO

  2. Oh, much. It seems to be that way sometimes. Hopefully better times are ahead.

  3. goodness! that is a bunch of mishaps! Let's hope they are done and now it's smooth sailing. The door mishap gave me a chuckle, it sounds like an idea I would have that would go awry.

  4. I think you might actually have three country songs there. Ugh! Surely, 2019 has got to be better.

  5. Oh no! I am so sorry for all of the stuff going on. May you get a respite soon and find peace.