Monday, January 28, 2019

Catching Up Part 4

I can't believe it's January 28th and I'm still talking about Christmas.  Just goes to show how far behind I actually got.  Sheesh!

Despite all the December problems, I actually had a lot of fun.

It was the park's first Winterfest and working it was a joyful experience.  It rained RAINED practically the entire month of December (except for that rare blizzard we got) which was disappointing, but when the weather cooperated, Winterfest was a blast.

We had Craft Day in the office and made paper snowflakes and ornaments for our tree. Some of us were much better at cutting out snowflakes than others. The tree's star was made out of money straps.

I had told my boss that I needed two nights off during Winterfest.  One so that I could attend Winterfest as a guest and attempt ice skating, and the other to recover from the broken leg I was going to have from attempting to ice skate.  Being the good boss that he is, he complied.  (Although he did tell me I could work on crutches.)

Luckily, I did not break a leg.  Or any appendage, for that matter.  But I'm also not sure you can call what I was doing 'skating.'  Sarah and I were crying laughing at my pitiful attempts, which were made even more embarrassing by the fact that no less than 98 employee friends happened by and waved or shouted out to me as I 'skated' around the rink.  But despite the resulting sore muscles and embarrassment, we had a great time.

Next, we made our way to the living nativity scene so that I could pet the camels.  You actually got to pet and feed the camels!  (And goats, donkeys and a cow.)

We did a little shopping while we were there and we each bought a few gifts.  Okay, okay.  I bought things for myself.  They had quite a few small artists/creatives set up craft-fair style plus all the park shops that normally sell t-shirts and stuffed animals were selling Christmas decor and giftables.  I was quite impressed with it all.

I fell in love with this paper Christmas tree but couldn't begin to afford it.  It's made entirely of rolled up paper.  One of these days, I'm going to dig out all my scrapbooking paper and attempt to make my own.  (I knew there was a reason I was hoarding keeping all those boxes of paper.)

Winterfest was a blast but eventually our feet began to hurt, the skating muscles started to catch up with us and thankfully, it was closing time.  (Yeah, we had to leave because the park was closing, not because we were out of shape.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Since I didn't have to spend my second day off hanging out in the ER, Sarah and I took our annual Christmas lights tour.

We hit all our usual stops, got out and walked around at the James Center, and found several new houses that had been added to the Tacky Lights Tour this/last year. (Christmas, 2018.  I really should have shared this a lot sooner.)  And, I'm proud to say, we didn't get lost.  Past years, we've always ended up lost in some neighborhood and it takes us 30 slightly panicky minutes to find our way out.  We may have finally mastered the use of a GPS!


  1. How lovely!!! That festival looks like so much fun. And that tree is amazing. Paper? Wow.

  2. Those sounds like great ways to celebrate December!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time, and relief from the woes of December a little bit?

  4. what a fun holiday!! I love that tree made of paper and want to see you make one :)