Wednesday, January 23, 2019

52 Week Blog Challenge

So, I was flipping through Pinterest the other day and stumbled across a 52-week blog challenge from 2014.  It had some cute, doable post ideas and they seemed easy enough that I might stand a chance of keeping up with the challenge once my summer work season starts back up. I decided to give it a try.  So....

(By the way, in case you take a look at the original challenge - I'm not going to do them in order.  For one, the challenge is 5 years old so who cares.  And, more importantly, my blog, my rules.  I'll do it any old way I feel like.)

So, this week's topic - What's always in my grocery cart?

Well, I'm not sure what it says about us but, every single time we go to the grocery store, we have to buy water, mayonnaise, American cheese and toilet paper.

We buy a lot of water because we drink a lot of water but we don't drink it from the tap.  We spent too many years drinking THE most delicious well water on earth and got pretty spoiled.  Now, none of us can stand to drink chlorinated public water from the tap.

The toilet paper because... well, there's all that water being drunk....  But it's also because my dear spouse insists on buying the crazy expensive "soft" brands that come with something like six sheets to a roll and costs $12.99 for a four-pack.  It makes me nuts because I was raised on good old, el-cheapo Scott where each roll costs something like 25 cents and has 1,000 squares of toilet tissue on it.  But apparently, buying the expensive toilet paper is a marriage deal breaker around here so...  Into the cart it goes.  Every single time we shop.  Every. Single. Time.

As for the American cheese and the mayo, who knows.  The boy child did eat a LOT of American cheese growing up but he hasn't lived with us for several years.  It will be interesting to see if now that we are dogless, if our cheese consumption changes.

How about you?  What's always in your cart?

And on a totally different topic, don't forget to come out for Sit and Stitch tonight if you are in the Richmond/Ashland, VA area.


  1. That's fun to think about! Always in my cart? Bananas (if they're not bright green), fresh bakery bread, and eggs. (We go through a lot of eggs . . . )

  2. I am with you with the water. We have HORRIBLE well water here even after putting in a $4000 water system. We buy gallons every week.
    We also fill up on cat food. With 7 little beasties we go through a lot of Friskies.

  3. Hmmm, at our place it's: cat food, broccoli, peppers, lettuce (we eat a lot of fresh produce) and some kind of salty snack - Fletch goes crazy if he doesn't have an assortment of chip snacks from which to choose....