Thursday, December 27, 2018

Three on Thursday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We sure did.  My daughter was sick, which was very disappointing (and amazingly, the first time either of the kids were ever too sick to Christmas) but she rebounded, sort of, for Christmas Day.  She had that Dawn of the Dead cast member look to her but we weren't having to poke her to see if she was alive.  Big improvement from Christmas Eve. 

And speaking of Dawn of the Dead... did anyone else happen to notice Shaun of the Dead is currently on Netflix!  I think the camera scene just may be The best bit of cinematography ever!

But I'm digressing.  

It's Three on Thursday and I got a yarn bowl for Christmas!

1.  My awesome sister gave me a new, gorgeous, handmade pottery yarn bowl.  It's much bigger than my small wooden one and is going to make my life SO much better.  No more switching balls of yarn in and out of the bowl when I'm knitting on multi-skeined items.  And look how well the bowl coordinates with my weather cowl.  I am head over heels happy with my new yarn bowl!

2.  The bowl came from Locust Hill Pottery located in Mechanicsville, Virginia if you're tempted to buy one for yourself. 

3.  Wait!  Did my sister tell me she was taking a pottery class from Leslie Messersmith, the artist behind Locust Hill Pottery??  I want to take a pottery class!  I'm so jealous!  But it's okay.  I have a beautiful yarn bowl!  (And hopefully I'll benefit from my sister's future pottery adventures.) 


  1. That's a beautiful yarn bowl! Your sister has good taste ;-)

    1. Doesn't she?! I'm so pleased with the bowl and so surprised by it. My sister doesn't knit so I had no idea she knew what a yarn bowl was.

  2. I have a yarn bowl hand made for me in exchange for a scarf, my good friend made it. Then my kids bought one for me for Christmas! So I have 1 for my fabric trash on my cutting table and one for my yarn by my knitting chair. I would love to take pottery classes!!

    1. That's a great idea to save your fabric trash in a spare yarn bowl.