Thursday, December 13, 2018

Three on Thursday

I can't believe another Thursday has rolled around already.  Here's my three very random thoughts for the day:

1.  Thank you all for the lovely comments on my Burberry cowl. It was a fantastic project and I've already knit two more!  And now I've discovered a new pattern.

Fingerless gloves with old fashioned Christmas tree lights draped across them.
Yule Mitts

I'm tossing out all my other knitting projects and plan to knit Yule mitts for everyone.  Look at those awesome Christmas tree lights draped across them....  Awesome Christmas lights that will magically look like simple blips of color in January.  I hope.

2018 Snowmagedon.  December 10, 2018 snow storm.
December snow

2.  It snowed!  Snow in December!  Measurable snow in December is rather unheard of here in Virginia.

I added a white stripe to my knitted weather cowl to represent snow.
Snow stripe!

I added a white snow stripe to my weather cowl and went for a walk.

12/10/18 snow storm in Virginia

I didn't realize why my husband was laughing so hard at me when I returned until I looked at my poor attempt at a selfie.  I look like an abominable snowmanwoman!  I also had zero makeup on and was being pelted in the eyes with ice chunks.


3.  I return to full time work tomorrow through New Year's and I'm in a bit of a panic.  We've been doing some remodeling and the house is a complete disaster zone.  Parts of the disaster area have been decorated, parts have been left alone with their light (some places not so light) coating of sawdust.  

The "must knit or die" gifts have been finished and now I'm left with the "really, really want to knit" gifts.  Oh, and those eight pair of Yule mitts!

The baking... Well, I did make a list of what needs to be baked and by when.  I passed the list to my daughter with a hug and good luck wishes.  Thank God for daughters who like to bake.  

And now, I'm going to go do some relaxing deep breathing exercises, knit a few rows and go to work.  I'll be back in January.


  1. look at your snow! yipee! I love the selfie of you - looks great to me. Good luck getting back into the work groove.

  2. Thos Yule Mitts--LOVE. But did you say eight pair?????

  3. Those mitts are absolutely fabulous!!!!Now I want a pair.

  4. Just north of you in Wash DC...enjoy the snow! How nice it came when you were home and didn't have to worry about getting to work, etc. All your knitting projects are lovely. Knit on.
    and Happy Holidays!

  5. I hear your panic. We have a wedding tomorrow, for which I just finished the bride's shawl!, and then Christmas with our kids and family still in town from the wedding on Sunday. So 13 people at my house for a full lunch menu with apps and desserts!! What was I thinking?

  6. I am still in a panic although I am well on track to get things done. While talking to my husband yesterday it seems he did not understand how tired I am from working and doing all the Christmas prep, shopping and such. Not just for my family but the kids I work with. It just takes so much energy.