Friday, December 28, 2018

Photo Friday

I got a couple of pictures for Christmas.

The first,

Original painting of a sassy lama from a local artist
Gay Lama

"Gay Lama" according to the artist.  I'm so excited and amazed to have received this painting.  Our neighborhood had a craft show a month or so ago and I saw the painting there.  I bought a poster of a different lama, got the artist's contact info and promptly came home and gave it to my daughter with instructions to tell Dad I wanted the painting for Christmas.  

Then I promptly forgot about Gay Lama.  Mainly because Dad doesn't believe in giving gifts that were asked for.  He thinks they should be complete surprises.  I wasn't likely to receive Gay Lama so I put thoughts of him out of my mind.

Until Christmas morning that is.  (Luckily, Sarah didn't listen to the instructions and bought Gay Lama for me herself.) Gay or not, I think he's very sassy and I can not wait to hang him on the wall.

And second,

Finally!  A decent photo of my son!
Zack and Megan

My photo-phobic son gave me a framed picture of him and his girlfriend.  You just don't know how exciting it is to have a photo of his face.  Since he turned three, he has acted as though he was in Witness Protection and has avoided photos like the plague.  Every single picture I have of him has his hand, his hat, a dinner plate, a cup, a bowling ball, the dog.... (you get the idea) in front his face.  

Anyway, I'm quite happy to have a photo of Zack's face and if the gift idea was the girlfriend's, then I like her even more than I did before.


  1. I do know how exciting the photo with Zac is because my son is the same way. Photos of him are rare and thus very valuable.
    And the llama is hilarious!

  2. I tend to be the one who hides her face! Or avoids the photo all together.

  3. love your llama and the photo of your son and girlfriend is fantastic! Sounds like a great Christmas!

  4. i hate pics of me, so hardly any...:-) the llama..

  5. Love both pictures my friend. Happy New Year.