Thursday, October 4, 2018

Three on Thursday

As usual, three random things for today's Three on Thursday list:

1.  My Coffee Shop cowl will have a striped interior/back/lining rather than the planned solid color.  I have no idea what I was thinking (obviously, I wasn't!) when I thought one partial skein would knit the entire lining.  So, stripes it will be.  But they'll be much wider stripes than the exterior/front/outside of the cowl.

Striped cowl knit with Knit Picks Palette the Coffee Shop value pack
Coffee Shop Cowl

Okay, so what do you call the sides when an item is knit to be reversible although one side is meant to be seen and one side is meant to be worn against the skin?  Front/back?  Exterior/interior?  'Lining' seems wrong because it implies it isn't meant to be fully visible.  What do you call the sides??

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Oregon Coast Heather skein of Palette?
Knit Picks Palette Oregon Coast Heather fingering weight wool yarn
Knit Picks Palette, Oregon Coast Heather

I just love the flecks of gray mixed with the sandy tans. I'm going to have to knit myself a whole sweater with this colorway.

2.  I'm so excited!  The Montpelier Fiber Festival is this weekend and I'm going on Sunday.  Saturday and Sunday are the only days I've requested off this season and everyone at work has been teasing me about using my vacation time to go look at sheep.  Obviously, they are not knitters.  But I am, and I can not wait!

Montpelier Fiber Festival
sheep dog trials

3.  Almost as exciting as the Montpelier Fiber Festival, I've received a visit from the Candy Corn Fairy.  I arrived home from work in the early hours of Sunday morning to find multiple bags of candy corn on my desk.  So far, no one has claimed to have put them there.  Have I mentioned how much I love candy corn? I love candy corn almost as much as I love fiber festivals!


  1. Your cowl is really lovely (as usual, your knitting is just beautiful!) -- but I have no suggestions for what to call the sides. :-) Enjoy the candy corn . . . and the fiber festival, too!

  2. Your cowl is BEAUTIFUL! Those colors are just perfect together.

    Have a wonderful time at the fiber festival. It is TOTALLY worth a few vacation days.

    1. Thank you! The festival will definitely be worth the vacation days, even if it rains!

  3. Few things are as fun as a fiber festival. I'm sure you will have a great time!
    I am not big on brown, but your cowl is really pretty. It will be fun to wear whatever you call the lining.

    1. Apparently I'm pretty drab & boring. :) Everything in my closet seems to be brown, gray or army green - and the brown cowl seems like it will look good with just about all of it. We'll see...