Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Still blue

I should never have introduced Hat #22 in a blog post titled Turning Blue.  Now, every time I knit a stitch on the hat, I think, 'still blue' which leads me straight into singing Gary Moore's Still Got the Blues.  Which is not a bad thing for me.  I love the song.  But I do feel for my family having to hear my attempts at singing.  Frankly, it's more like caterwauling than singing.

Knitting a hemmed brim hat with Moody Blues yarn from Cherry Tree HIll.
Hat #22

I'm loving the worn denim-ness of this yarn from Cherry Tree Hill.  And the hat should be ready for bind off after a few more rows.


  1. It is just such a pretty color, why not sing the blues!

  2. You stitches are so evenly perfect!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  3. When I sing, my husband says, "If this is what's playing here, what's playing in hell?"