Monday, March 12, 2018

Makers' Monday

Well, the tables have turned and now I'm the one worrying about rat poison in my Tylenol.  I haven't been anywhere near as ill as Mike, but I'll admit that I get horribly martyr-ish when I'm sick.  Between Mike's moaning and my martyrdom, it hasn't been pretty.  In fact, it's been down right ugly.  On the positive side of things, we are both building some seriously ripped abs from all the coughing.

The weekend didn't present much time or the mental capacity for knitting.  Friday was consumed with an eye doctors appointment (The new glasses should arrive next week!) and a trip to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art to see the Terracotta Army display.  I made it though all that with only a mild occasional cough caused by a weird tickle in my chest.  But on the way home, the chills set in and by the time I got home, my temperature was just a click under 102.  I texted my boss to say I most likely would not be coming in to work the next day.  Always a great way to kick off the season!

An hour later, my temperature dropped back down, I went to bed and woke up feeling fairly good, except for that weird little tickle in my chest and a slightly more frequent cough.  I went to work, had fun being introduced to our new Agents of Shield style office.  Actually, it's probably closer to Firefly's style than Agents of Shield but what ever.  We've got some fun new toys to play with this year.

I got home and before I could even get changed out of my uniform, the chills returned and not 20 minutes later, I was having fever tears.  Does anyone else cry when they have a fever?

knitting a mitered square blanket with left over sock yarn
mitered squares

I tried to get some mitered square knitting done on Sunday, but I kept forgetting to do the centered decrease.  After the sixth or seventh time having to tink back, on one square, I finally gave up and decided to nap.  And I was so busy napping, I didn't even notice Daylight Savings.

But enough about me and what I'm not knitting.  Tell me all about what you are creating these days.


  1. So sorry to hear that you got it too! I heard it's a really nasty flu and it's all over the world. Hoping you both get better soon!

  2. Rest, rest, rest to keep the flu at bay.

    I hope the new gadgets at work don't have a huge learning curve.

  3. Oh my I'm sorry to read that you are not well, rest up, drink those fluids and knit away! I hope you've seen the worst of it.