Thursday, January 4, 2018

Three on Thursday

Today's Three on Thursday is going to be brief.

1.  It's snowing.

2.  It's really, really cold outside.

3.  I think I hurt myself doing YouTube beginners' yoga.

Okay, okay.  Let's amend #3.  I think I hurt myself attempting to do YouTube beginner's yoga.  Good grief I'm out of shape!

Join me over at Carole's place to see others' Three on Thursday lists.


  1. My 3

    1. It's snowing.

    2. It's really, really cold outside.

    3. I now know to stay away from YouTube beginner's yoga. (Hope you are feeling better real soon.)

    1. LOL, you know you knit too much when beginner yoga's neck rolls leave you unable to turn your head the next day. LOL I'm pitiful! (But feeling a little better.)

  2. be careful with the yoga! I was doing a 25 minute yoga routine and did 15 minutes before I quit. I guess the gym and strength training is what I am into right now!