Friday, January 5, 2018

Soup's On!

I'm taking a little break from the knitting to talk about soup.  January is National Soup Month.  Soup Month's timing couldn't be more perfect.  Nothing is as good and warming as a nice pot of soup on a cold blustery day and let me tell you, it's been cold and blustery.  Actually, that's not true.  It's been Freezing, with a capital F and windy.

Normally my husband complains about 'Soup Night.'  He's a meat and potatoes man and expects his meat and potatoes to be large and intact and served on a plate.  He's not thrilled when dinner is chopped up meat and potatoes in a bowl with a bit of liquid.  But this week, it's been so cold, he didn't say a single thing on Soup Night except, 'Is there more?"

Hot, delicious soup cooked in the Instant Pot.
Zuppa Toscana Soup, photo courtesy of

This week's soup was Zuppa Toscana.  It had kale in it.  And I ate it!  I ate kale!  I ate kale and went back for a second helping!  Kale!  I have never in my life been served kale that I was able to swallow without gagging.  But this recipe...  Oh!  My! Goodness!  It was Yumm-O!

And I'm sure you're wondering - why did this crazy woman make kale soup if she detests kale?  It's because I didn't  make it.  My daughter did.  In the Instant Pot, all by herself!  (Another Proud Mama moment!) 

Sarah went with me to the grocery store and announced that she was going to cook dinner.  Awesome!  Fine by me!  We picked up the sausage for the soup and apparently the 'giant bag of spinach' I thought she was tossing into the cart was kale.  I didn't find out it was kale until I started talking about how good it smelled cooking and Sarah finally confessed.

It took me a few minutes to gather the courage to taste it but once I did.... I wanted it all.  All for me!  I was not happy to have to share that giant pot of soup.  I may have growled just a little bit when the rest of the family began to dish up their bowls.

So, I'm still in shock that I ate kale and liked it.  I'm so amazed by that fact, it's going to count as one of my Two New Things a Month. (Forcing myself to experience something new each month worked so well in 2017, I've increased it to two new things per month for 2018.)


I ate kale!

I willingly ate kale.  And liked it!


  1. I'm not too fond of kale, though I do eat it. But never in soup, always mashed with potatoes (a traditional Dutch recipe). That soup recipe looks delicious though. I might be tempted to try it...

  2. Isn't that a FABULOUS soup! It is one of our favorites, but I'll admit to liking kale. LOL

  3. That soup looks delish! Kale can be good, but it does have to be in the right recipe! The Smitten Kitchen has some good recipes with kale.

  4. IT looks so yummy and perfect for these chilly days.