Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pat me on the back!

I am just so proud of myself!

My daughter's laptop is on death's door so she took mine to school with her today.  Being computerless, I had nothing to do but clean.  Well, not clean so much as purge and organize.

Remember my December pledge not to buy any yarn?  And my decision to continue the yarn diet until I have an empty yarn storage drawer?  Well, I don't yet have a drawer, but I have an empty storage box.  If I empty one more box, it will equal a drawer's worth of storage space.  There's new yarn in my future! 

I'm pretty proud of my recent lack of yarn shopping.  Out of curiosity, I looked at my records to see when I last bought yarn.  With the exception of one skein I needed for a custom order in late November, I have not purchased yarn since November 3rd!

Knitting a 2018 temperature scarf with Palette from Knit Picks http://www.jgknits.com/2018/01/makers-monday.html
Temperature scarf

Besides being proud of myself, I'm also pretty dang excited.  There's going to be a lot of light blue in my future.  The deep freeze we've been experiencing lately has finally broken.  And as is typical of a Virginia winter, we'll be going from the high temperature being in the low 20's to up into the 60's later this week!  It's currently 41 and raining.... and it feels practically balmy!

Join me over at Frontier Dreams to see what others are creating on this gloriously warmer #Craftingon Tuesday.


  1. I was going to be jealous, but I see that we are expecting a high of 57 in a few days!!! A rainy 57, but I will take it after single digit weather since Christmas.

  2. Congrats on sticking to your yarn diet. As with food diets, I'm not very good at sticking to it.

  3. Now I'm curious about your stash. It must be nice and big if you can go without buying yarn for two months. ;-)
    I'm always confused by Fahrenheit temperatures, so I'm grateful for converters ;-) Our temperatures have been a lot higher than yours. We've even hit 60 F last week, but we may go below 30 soon. My garden is confused too. My rosemary is blooming already...

  4. Oh wow, what a lovely feeling of potential to have so much yarn space!

  5. :-) Hope you find just the right yarn for your new "space!"

  6. Good for you getting that storage space free. I had to buy a skein of yarn yesterday to finish my current project but no more yarn shopping for me for a while.

  7. Good job not buying yarn! It sure is tempting when going in yarn stores. It is exciting that more yarn that you enjoy is in your future!