Monday, January 22, 2018

Makers' Monday

Welcome to Maker's Monday!  I hope you'll share your most recent creation by linking up down below.  Okay, that's written horribly but...

I'm sort of over this whole blog thing.  Normally my mornings are spent with coffee and knitting while I read my email...  But for some strange reason, my in-box was weirdly empty this morning.  I can't remember the last time that happened.   Anyway.... I didn't knit this morning.  I didn't even kitchener those socks.

Apparently, today (technically yesterday since I'm typing this late Sunday night) is Torture Myself day.  Instead of morning knitting, I decided to tackle the dreaded, and long put off Etsy shop photography session.  I'm SO not a photographer so taking the pictures for my Etsy shop is never an exciting task.  And the giant, over flowing box of things I need to get listed contains an awful lot of red things.  And just to amp up my frustration level slightly, my camera refuses to photograph red properly.

So, I spent the entire day taking pictures of hats instead of knitting.

And I went to cook dinner and discovered that Minnie, the dog (more like the ^$%^$* dog,) had apparently gotten the roast off the counter where it was supposed to be thawing.  We ended up having scrambled eggs for dinner.  For the third time this week.  Ugh!  %$#@!^ Dog!

After dinner (can you call eggs "dinner"?) I sat down to Netflix and knit....  And realized I'd never written today's post.  Nor had I taken any photos.  Dammit!

I'm so over this whole blogging thing.  But it's #MakersMonday which is my 'thing' and I feel responsible so....  I'm throwing together a few of the photos I took yesterday of things I knit back in 2017 and finally got listed in the shop yesterday.  All red of course.

pink, red & black slouchy hat for Valentines gift, for sale at
Slouchy Hat

I remember how excited I was when I found this yarn back when Max got sick and I threw myself a giant pity party at the local big box craft store.  The yarn is just so bright and cheerful.

Valentines gloves with matching hat for sale at
Fingerless Gloves

Knitting the hat and gloves did make me feel better.  And yes, the yarn was just about as day-glow bright as it looks in the photos.

burgundy cloche hat for sale at
Red Cloche

I also fell in love with this yarn that day.  My camera turns it tomato red, but in reality, it's a much darker burgundy color with even deeper burgundy spots.  I'm super happy with my button choice.

Phew!  For someone who is over this whole blogging thing, I sure had a lot to say.  Sorry about that and I hope you stuck with me and will share your own creativity below.


  1. We all have those days. Right now I am doing better at blogging, but social media has taken a nose dive. FB is dull and boring. Twitter is too active. And Instagram is just there. So I enjoy reading blogs while I knit in the morning. Hope your blog funk works itself out.

    1. Thanks! FB is dull & boring these days! And I'm FAR too wordy for Twitter... and Instagram = photos... I'm a social media mess. Guess I'll have to stick to blogging. :)

  2. For someone who doesn't like photography your pictures look great! The things you're selling look wonderful too.
    And being over blogging... I can relate. I've taken many breaks and I've quit more times than I can remember, but I keep coming back to it. Maybe it's time to shake things up a bit (blog about something different) or take a little break (hope you don't, but if that what it takes, you just should) to find joy in it again?

    1. Thank you! I'm fine. Just didn't get enough knitting time in yesterday so I was pouting. :)