Monday, January 8, 2018

Makers' Monday

So, how's the weather?

Snow in Virginia.
A snowy day.

The last time I posted, I mentioned it was snowing.  We only got about three inches here.  We were lucky.  South of us got more than twice that and north of us got, well, let's just say WAY more.  We also got enough wind to blow all the snow off the trees and the deck and fence rails.  Enough wind to encourage the dog to 'do her business' in about an eighth of the time it normally takes her.  But again, our wind was nothing compared to the wind north of here.

Thermometer reading minus 19 degrees Fahrenheit
Too damned cold!

What we did get was cold.  Now granted, that -19 degrees Fahrenheit was measured in the shade on a thermometer on the northern side of our house.  But still - that's minus 19 degrees.  That's cold!  Too damned cold!

Using Palette fingering weight yarn to knit a temperature gauge scarf.
Palette yarns from Knit Picks

Cold enough to inspire me to start one of those temperature scarves.

Knitting a weather gauge scarf with Palette yarn
Temperature chart

As usual, I didn't give the project a whole lot of thought.  I just grabbed some yarn from the stash pile and started knitting.  I'm using Palette from Knit Picks and a US 2 needle.  I cast on 190 stitches, am knitting in the round, and am doing a purl stitch for the first & center stitches of each round.  The purls will help it lay flat instead of keeping it's tubular shape and they will do a decent job of hiding  the color changes.  Since we don't get much snow around here, I decided to record snow days with an extra row of white.  I thought about beading the day's color, and maybe even beading rainy days but....  Life can get complicated and I didn't want to be tied to the beads.  So, I'm just going with white for snow.

As for whether it will really be a scarf... who knows.  It may end up being a cowl.  It's way too early to tell what my row gauge is.  At the end of the year, if I need to make it longer, I'll add a solid colored section with the year knit in.  Or if I need to make it a Lot longer, I'll add a section to each end and date one January and the other December.  We'll just have to wait and see how it goes.

Well, no matter how cold it is, it's Makers' Monday and you know what to do....


  1. I've always thought those temperature scarves were such a cool idea -- sort of like a "weather journal" that you'll be able to wear! It will be fun to see how it moves along this year.

  2. Oh, I love that idea! It will be fun to see it evolving.

  3. We finally got above 20 degrees here, but that just brought sleet. Oh well, I have no place to be and my sewing/knitting room is warm and cozy in my PJs!

  4. Have fun! Beads would have been cool, but they are hard to take if you want a "portable" project.