Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I'm doomed!  Absolutely doomed!

For what felt like weeks, we had 20 degree days and sub-zero nights.  It was cold.  It was winter.  I had yarn and I was dealing with it.  But now?  Now, I have THE worst case of Spring Fever!  It was 51 degrees and sunny today.  I rode around with the car window open.  Okay, not open-open, but cracked open a half inch or so.  I went shopping and didn't even take a coat with me.  It was beautiful outside today.  And now I just want to plant something and walk around the yard every couple of hours looking to see if the daffodils have started to poke through the ground yet. 

It is Way too early to be thinking about daffodils.

I'm doomed!

I'm also upset because, as I mentioned, I went shopping.  Shopping at the local Bath & Body Works.  They were having that 75% off sale that they have occasionally.  And I brought home a giant bag of my favorite products, all of which were 75% off.  I'm thrilled about the sale, but that 75% sales price means all those items have been discontinued.  I'm not sure life will be worth living without Black Tea & Cedar hand lotion.

I'm doomed.

And I might have bought a few skeins of yarn today. 

I'm doomed and shamed. 

Even Minnie is ashamed of my behavior.

And because I was out shopping all day, I have no knitting to show you. 

I started reading Good Guys Love Dogs.  It's exactly what I was hoping for.  A fluffy, not so virginal they don't hold hands but not filled with raunchy sex romance and the characters have animals.  I love it when the characters have animals.

Join me over at the #Unraveled link-up to see what others are knitting and reading.


  1. Winter is long. We need to give ourselves little treats to get us through. ;-)

  2. Still waiting on our high temps, but the 30's are fine for the moment. But now everything is soaking wet! Which means the dogs bring it in the house and they are smelling pretty ripe right now. LOL

  3. Our January thaw seems short-lived this year, and not quite as nice as yours! Though warm-ish today, it is overcast and damp and I just can't seem to warm up.

  4. We had a bit of a thaw, but I think colder weather is coming back. It is grey and chilly looking outside. You deserve to treat yourself to goodies when it's like this. Enjoy!

  5. 75% off is good no matter how you cut it. Maybe you'll find a scent you enjoy even MORE!!!

    Me --- I'm a Clean Cotton kind of girl.

  6. With all you saved with the 75% off you deserved yarn, never feel shame over yarn.

  7. The other day it got up to 40 degrees and it felt like summer!
    That's an amazing sale. I know just how you feel about finding a great product just when it's being discontinued!