Thursday, December 21, 2017

Three on Thursday

Three very random and very brief things this Thursday -

1.  I have finished my Christmas shopping.  Both gifts and groceries. I can not express how happy that makes me.  The shopping experience isn't over yet though.  Today, my husband and I are going on our annual 'Christmas shopping ordeal.'  The tradition started when the kids were young.  Grandma would keep the kids overnight and Mike and I would spend the day shopping and having an adults only, child-free, alcohol fueled meal somewhere.  It was great fun.  Over the years, the day has morphed into lunch and my husband starting his Christmas shopping.  Yes, starting! he's starting his shopping on December 21st.  It makes me insane.  The day usually ends with a big argument and me sitting in a food court reading while Mike wanders aimlessly around the mall muttering about not knowing what to buy, how much things cost and how empty the stores are.  It's sort of miserable, but it's also our tradition.  And of course, the holier-than-thou martyr in me enjoys the misery just a tiny bit.

2. I was at the grocery store yesterday buying everything we could possibly need to see us through Christmas.  Just so I wouldn't have to make another trip, I even bought an entire basil plant instead of the few sprigs that were needed for a Christmas Day dish.  While wandering the vegetable section I noticed a gigantic bag of carrots.  Craziest thing I've ever seen.  Twenty five pounds of carrots for $19.99.  Who in the world needs 25 pounds of carrots at one time?  I really, really wish I'd taken a photo.

Three finished objects or knitting projects; a Strickplaner cover, a cowl and a pair of fingerless mitts.
Three FOs

3.  I've finished knitting a few things.  I finished One For the Books, the Strickplaner cover.  I'm not crazy about the way the self striping yarn striped but it's a knitted book cover that fits!  I'm in total awe of this pattern.  I've also finished a pair of fingerless mitts and a striped cowl.  Now I just need to come up with a #ChristmasEveCastOn project.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and joining up with Carole's Three on Thursday link-up.


  1. Ha! Your story about your husband's shopping tradition makes me laugh. Because my own husband ALWAYS does his Christmas shopping on December 20 -- his birthday. It's his tradition and it seems to work. But it makes me crazy!

    I love your knitted book cover!

  2. My husband used to be Kat minutes but with online shopping he has gotten pretty good at having it done ahead of time. Hope your day goes well.

  3. My husband doesn't shop. Period. ;-)
    I do all the shopping, both for groceries and gifts. I'm used to it, so it doesn't bother me.
    And... I finished my shopping yesterday. At least I think so. I probably discover something important missing Saturday afternoon because that's the way it goes...
    I love how the book cover worked out!

  4. I hope you still get a good meal out of this ordeal! My husband is a good and methodical shopper which I appreciate because I generally make out! :-) Nice job on the knitting!

  5. I love those knitted book covers! AND, I am sending you good thoughts on a less stressful day, sans fight!

  6. I love your book cover :) I did some grocery shopping and forgot stuff. I'm hoping my husband will run out tomorrow and pick up the stuff I forgot!

  7. Both my boys have not shopped yet, there are two days left to shop! They drive me batty. I am done, now for that wrapping...... Merry Christmas!