Thursday, December 14, 2017

Three on Thursday

It's a good thing the Three on Thursday link-up doesn't have a theme other than that we're supposed to list three things, because I got nothing today.  I'm having one of those days where my thoughts and to-do list tasks are all whirling around in my head, swirling a million miles an hour and going way too fast for me to capture or be aware of a single one of them.  I need a list. Except, I have a list, and that's the problem.  My list is 80 pages long so instead of working the list, I keep looking at it, getting overwhelmed by it and then I sit down and eat cookie dough and knit.  And of course, when I'm eating cookie dough and knitting, I'm not knitting Christmas gifts, I'm knitting random stuff.  Stuff that's not even on my Someday I'd Like to Knit... list.  Good grief!

So, three Very random things...

1.  Lots of people commented on my yarn bowl that was pictured in yesterday's blog post.  So, thank you!  I love it too.  I got it from Knit Picks and it was very inexpensive, as yarn bowls go.  I love how shiny and smooth the polished wood is.  It's light enough to toss into my knitting bag and, unlike the several ceramic ones I've had, my Knit Picks yarn bowl has not broken when I've dropped it.  Knock, or more like bang, on wood.  And if you hurry, Santa could bring you your very own wooden yarn bowl.  But you'll need to hurry.  The Knit Picks website says if you want it by Christmas, tomorrow is the last day to order with standard shipping and the 20th with expedited shipping.

2.  I apologize in advance for the rant.  This is probably a big part of why my thoughts are so out of control at the moment.  And I don't mean to stir the political pot.  This is a knitting blog, not a political blog and I refuse to discuss politics here.  But....  Neither my husband nor I have health insurance through our jobs and we don't earn a ton of money.  We get our "free" ObamaCare, which for the last few years has cost us several hundred dollars a month.  This year, however, our wonderful government has decided that our mandated health insurance is going to cost us 69% of our gross salary.  Sixty Nine Percent!  Of our Gross pay! What in the bloody Hell??  If we were to pay it, we wouldn't even have enough left over to pay our most basic utilities.  Of course, we wouldn't need to make utility payments because after a few months, we wouldn't have a house anymore.  Just, Bloody Hell.

Christmas, 1965
Moments before I pulled the tree over on myself....
(Random Christmas photo added for interest)

3.  I really need to move past my current swirly thoughts/Christmas denial situation and do some Christmas baking.  You know, actually bake the cookie dough instead of eating it raw, by the bowl full while I knit and watch Hallmark movies.  We bake so many cookies that I make the dough in advance and freeze it.  On Cookie Baking Day, I take the dough out of the freezer while I'm waiting for the coffee pot to percolate and by the time I have a couple of gallons of caffeine in my system, the dough has thawed and is ready to go.  Looks like this year, I need to go re-buy the ingredients and start over.  Oops.

Every year we make snickerdoodles, rum balls, regular chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip and pumpkin cookies.  And this year, because I'm in total Christmas denial and think I have all the time in the world, and because I found the forgotten recipe while searching the blog for the other recipes to link to and, it just so happens that I discovered two large jars of peanut butter shoved into the back of the pantry the other day, I just might make chocolate chip peanut butter cookies too.  Besides, if I'm going to put us all into diabetic comas, I may as well go ahead and do it before our health insurance runs out.

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  1. I've got to finish my Christmas knitting. Yikes!

  2. Health insurance (having it - and paying for it) is a HUGE source of stress. I can certainly understand why you're eating that cookie dough . . . I hope the swirling calms and you can find enjoyment in the baking and sharing of your delicious cookies. XO

  3. So sorry to hear of your insurance issues. I wish they would let competition take over and bring down all those options. Let us cross state lines and shop other policies! I just did several batches of chocolate chip and iced sugar cookies. I use cream cheese icing so the sugar cookies are like crack!!! I can't eat just one. I have had 4 cookies already today and I just started baking 6 hours ago.

    1. The one benefit to my baking is that I eat so much raw dough (I know I should worry about the egg content but.... Call me a rebel. ha ha) I'm totally over sugar by the end of baking day. I rarely eat an actual cookie & just crave raw vegetables for the rest of the holiday season.