Tuesday, December 12, 2017

One For The Books

Remember my Strickplaner?  I finally started knitting a cover for it.  The pattern is called One For The Books. 

One for the books is pattern name for the Strickplaner cover.
One For The Books

So far, so good, but I'll be the first to admit - I'm totally knitting on faith here.

knitting a cover for my Strickplaner knitting planner.
Knitting a book cover.

It's like knitting a sock heel for the very first time.  There's just no way the instructions can be accurate and you feel totally lost and confused.  But you follow the instructions, re-reading each line 18 times, and you just take a deep breath, tell yourself it's only yarn and time, and you blindly follow the instructions and try not to over think it.

Blind faith knitting.  Getting some weird shaping with my knitted book cover.
I HOPE I'm knitting a Strickplaner cover.

That's exactly how this One For The Books book cover is going.  I'm just blindly following along, totally confused and without a clue how what I'm knitting is going to turn into a book cover.  And so far, so good... but I am confused about the shaping I'm getting on the inside of the cover.  If it turns out that I've misread or ignored some terribly important part of the pattern and I'm actually knitting a weirdly shaped football instead of a book cover, well.... It's only yarn. 

And if you're curious, I'm using old yarn from deeeeeep down in the stash pile.  It's Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the Denim Stripes colorway.  The price tag on it says it came from Ben Franklin which closed over ten years ago.  I'm very proud of myself for using stashed yarn instead of buying something new.  My self-imposed yarn diet is going well.

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  1. A knitting planner? Oh my! That makes my planner and knitting loving heart go boom ;-) Genius! I may have to order one.
    Also: a knitted book/planner cover! So clever. I hope it turns out well.

  2. I like the idea of knitting a cover....I need to research this! I think I might be going down a rabbit hole...

    1. I'm thinking the pattern is written in such a way it can be knit for any size book. I can't wait to finish this cover & try it out on a different book.