Monday, December 4, 2017

Makers' Monday

Considering no one had any prior warning, last week's Makers' Monday was a success.  The link-up part worked (Yay!) and quite a few people said they hoped it would continue.  So...

Makers' Monday has now become a link-up/blog party/what ever you want to call it, where we celebrate knitting designers, artists and creatives of all types, including ourselves.  Just use the button at the bottom of this post to link up and show off your current project.  The only rules are (1) please use #MakersMonday when sharing on social media; (2) please only share one link per blog (I understand many of you have multiple blogs and I welcome a post from each;) and (3) please keep it clean and respectful.

As for my own creativeness, I'm currently frantically working on a big secret project.  It's a last minute, unexpected project and is pretty much taking up all my knitting time.  It's been extra frantic the last few days.  In order to finish by the deadline, I need to knit a minimum of three inches per day, every day plus an extra two inches at some point along the way.  (Does this sound familiar?  I feel like I'm knitting the big orange blanket all over again.)  

On Day One, I purchased the yarn and knit two and a half inches.  On Day Two, I knit the required three inches.  On Day Three, I realized that the sizing was horribly off (another reminder to swatch properly) and frogged the whole thing. I started Day Four needing to knit twelve inches to get back on schedule. Yikes.

Thank goodness for Netflix, Godless and a bunch of sappy Christmas movies.  By the end of Day Five, I was caught up and even had an additional half inch knit.

Fun holidays and wearing my favorite leather boots
December 4th = Wear Brown Shoes Day

All that was to say, I have no knitting to show you.  I am, however, wearing my favorite brown shoes.


  1. Now THAT is commitment! I hope your knitting goes smoothly from here on out. May time be on your side. XO

    1. :) I pretty much grew roots to the couch for a couple of days and knit like a mad woman.