Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas miracles and the Big Secret Project

Hopefully there will be no more unraveling on my Big Secret knitting Project.  It's coming along, pretty much on schedule,  Strike that.  I don't want to jinx anything.  Let's just say, it's coming along.  And I'm hoping I won't need a Christmas miracle to finish it on time.

knitting on a deadline; knitting a baby blanket
The Big Secret Project

Speaking of miracles....

I'm reading Jenny Hale's We'll Always Have Christmas.  Sadly, I'm not very far into it yet.  The Big Secret Project is keeping me from reading as much as I'd like.  Normally, I devour Ms. Hale's books in an afternoon.  They are the 'grab a cozy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and curl up in a favorite comfy chair for a Me Day of reading' type of books.  Unfortunately, this year's Christmas tale has been shoved into the 'read before bed' category.  And that means, a much slower pace.

To see what others are knitting and reading, join me over at Kat's for #Unraveled Wednesday.


  1. looks like a fun knitting project and I do love that wee stitch marker :)

  2. Lovely knitting. The time and love you're pouring into your Secret Project will be well worth it come gifting time! :-)

  3. You can do it! (Then we can see it, yay!)

  4. Good luck on the secret project! The book sounds like such a good read to cozy up with before Christmas. Enjoy!

  5. It looks like it might be a special balnket, but I am not guessing because I want to be surprised.