Friday, December 15, 2017

A Christmas Miracle

It just may be a Christmas miracle!

A knitted book cover for the Strickplaner knitting planner
One For The Books Strickplaner cover

My One For the Books Strickplaner cover is actually turning into a book cover! 

Inside my One For the Books knitted book cover
One For the Books - inside cover

An ugly book cover, but a book cover none the less.  I'm not thrilled with the way the stripes are working out but it's good enough for a practice cover.  If this really works and I actually end up knitting a workable book cover, I can always knit another, with prettier yarn.

My Christmas cactus is blooming once again!
Christmas cactus

And the true Christmas miracle - last year's Christmas cactus survived an entire year under my care and is blooming again!


  1. That book cover is really cool! It looks like a very clever design. :-)

    1. Thanks! The way the pattern is written, it may work for any book. I can't wait to finish this cover and try it out on a different sized book.

  2. it is a miracle! I kind of like your stripes of your cover :)

  3. I think the stripes look wonderful.