Thursday, November 30, 2017

Three on Thursday

I'm So happy to report that this is the final NaBloPoMo post.  It's been fun and I'm proud of myself for not missing a single day but... For someone who doesn't have all that much to say and doesn't knit all that fast, it's also been a little stressful.  But no matter.  Yay!  I survived! And Double Yay!  It's over!

Because I'm obviously running out of things to talk about and it's Three on Thursday list day today, and I just happen to have three DVD's laying on my desk, waiting to be watched, I thought I'd list them.

1.  Outlander, Season 1.  I know!  I'm like the only person in the world who hasn't watched the series.  I feel like I have.  I've watched hours and hours of clips on YouTube, but I've never seen the actual show.

2.  In the Heart of the Sea.  Sarah bought it for me because my 'boyfriend' (Chris Hemsworth) is in it. I'm rather excited about it because, well, Chris Hemsworth!  But also because I love a good tragedy at sea story.

3.  The Conjuring.  Another I know! moment.  I should have watched this in October but....  I found it in the $3.00 bin at Walmart the other day so what the heck.  A little pre-Christmas terror.

So, those are the movies I plan to knit to this week. Or more like, today.  (Wow! Today is November 30th.  Looks like I'll be getting lots of knitting time in today!)  I gotta watch them today because tomorrow is December 1st.  December 1st means non-stop Christmas movies!

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  1. Thank you for posting each day in November, Jeannie. It's been a pleasure to read your posts! (And you are not alone . . . I have never watched Outlander either!)

  2. I watched Season One of Outlander then lost interest. Maybe if I'd read the books I would enjoy it more, who knows?

    I enjoyed your posts this month!

  3. I haven’t watched Outlander either!

  4. Another person who hasn't watched Outlander here! I did read several of the books and lost interest, but I think it's a story that would translate well to a series. Congratulations on a successful NaBloPoMo, and happy watching and knitting!

  5. I haven't watched Outlander either (maybe a few but not really) but my boss grew up in the town the Conjuring took place in and he knows the family. He says not haunted! Happy 11/30/17!

  6. I haven't watched outlander, I probably should... congrats on passing the finish line!

  7. I have never seen Outlander and only read half of the first book, see how behind I am?