Thursday, November 16, 2017

Three on Thursday

I'm down to the wire on Sarah's blanket so today's Three on Thursday list will be short and sweet.  And perhaps helpful for me to get the knitting done.

My Top Three Favorite Shows to Binge Watch While Binge Knitting:

What's not to love about Buffy?  She's a strong, independent teen aged girl.  She's nice, she's funny, and she's sarcastic. The show has action, comedy, romance and did I mention the sarcasm?  I Love the sarcasm.

Another fun show with nice, funny, strong, intelligent, coffee drinking sarcastic women.

3.  Okay, I'm cheating with Number 3.  Number 3 is a tie between three shows.  In no particular order because I love them all equally,

3A.  The Tudors

Henry Cavill is in it.  Need I say more?  But the story is good too and it's historical.  I can pretend I'm being educated when I watch it.

3B.  True Blood

Once again, a show with a strong female lead and loads of sarcasm.  And let's not forget Eric Northman and Lafayette.  Lafayette just may be my all time favorite movie character ever.

3C.  Weeds

Yet another strong, independent, sarcastic, coffee drinking female lead.  While the idea of mother & young kids growing and dealing illegal drugs together makes me cringe, I have to admit, I admire Nancy Botwin.  Life continually knocks her down and she continually gets back up and soldiers on.  Again, I don't always agree with her decisions, but I admire her strength and tenacity.  

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  1. All good! I may have to investigate Weeds. I've heard it's good!

  2. My husband and son share a sarcastic sense of humour too, but I don't think we have watched any of those shows. We don't have a lot of time for TV :)