Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tea on the run

Although my Etsy shop is mostly knitted items, I offer fabric Tea Totes for those tea lovers on the go.  The listings tell the story of why I created the first Tea Tote and although that first one was a joke, I decided to sell them in Etsy shop and they've been surprisingly popular.

Of course they're popular!  I've mentioned my hatred of feelings towards sewing on buttons before.

Christmas and cup and saucer buttons; tea cup buttons, coffee cup buttons
buttons from Joann Fabric

But yesterday at Joann Fabric's, I found some buttons that are so cute and perfect, I might not even mind sewing them on.

I might not mind.



Okay, okay.  Just go ahead and wish me luck and fortitude because who am I kidding?  Enjoy sewing on buttons??  Nope!  Not even for adorable tea cup and Christmas buttons.

To see what others are crafting (hopefully with more enthusiasm,) check out today's #Craftingon post at Frontier Dreams.  And don't forget to vote today!

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  1. Oh I thin those buttons might make it worthwhile - they are so cute and perfect!

  2. How fun! I was thinking of stitching some tea and gift card pockets to give to my staff for Christmas. Going to look for some lovely buttons today

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