Tuesday, November 21, 2017

On the Needles

On the needles today, and in Very bad light....

Ocean Stripes, a multicolored, striped blanket shawl, OTN
On the needles

When I finished Sarah's orange blanket the other day, I grabbed Ocean Stripes out of the UFO pile.  

It's currently measuring about 19 inches wide/tall (depending on how you look at it) and my goal is for it to be at least 24 inches.  I'd really like it to be wider than 24 but... 

I have plenty of yarn.  Actually, I have enough yarn I could probably knit it 48 inches wide but....  

There's another project out there that I'm dying to start and I'm determined this one will be finished before I start something else.  At least before I start something else big.

To see what others are knitting, join me over at Frontier Dreams for today's #CraftingOn link-up.

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  1. Pretty colors! And at least you are more than halfway to where you want to finish, that's a good thing.