Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Call an Uber

I'm still knitting Sarah's blanket.  I have four days and six inches to go.  I should be fine.  Ahh, actually, I decided to strike that comment from the record.  I don't want to jinx myself.

I'm also not getting much reading done.  I'm still reading Abducted and I probably will be for a while.  I've only been reading a few minutes before bed each night.  Instead, I've been catching up on American Horror Story.  I was hooked on the show when it first came out but stopped watching when they had the clown season.  I just don't do clowns.  Honestly, I'd forgotten about the show but Netflix reminded me that I was several seasons behind and I've been binge watching ever since. 

Call an Uber, American Horror Story, Roanoke, the Lost Colony, Croatoan
American Horror, Roanoke

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but over the last six days, I've watched Hotel (season 5) and all but one episode of season 6, Roanoke.  I am absolutely Loving Roanoke although it's got me completely wigged out.  I've even let out a couple of girly squeals of terror.  

Between living so close to the Lost Colony and having an archaeologist for a father who was slightly obsessed with what happened to the colonists, Roanoke was a big part of my youth.  We studied it frequently throughout my school years, we took countless field trips, and I remember my dad's excitement when they thought they'd found evidence of the colonists.  (They hadn't.)  Add in my love of horror stories (not the gore but the thrill of a good scare) and it's no wonder I'm loving Roanoke so much.  But what I'm Really loving about it...  is the Uber driver.

Join me for over at Kat's for #Unraveled Wednesday to see what others are knitting and hopefully reading, not watching.  Looks like there's no #Unraveled link up today, but you can still visit Kat to see what she's up to.