Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A lesson in swatching


Yesterday's 'large project' got frogged.  Once again, I got that hard slap to the face that often results from a lack of proper swatching.

Due to swatch error, I had to rip this baby blanket out and start over.   Shhh... it's a secret Christmas gift.
Frogged the secret project

For the record, I did swatch.  Sort of.  Can I count ten stitches and six or seven rows as a swatch?  My mini swatch seemed perfectly fine but.... As we all know, mini swatches tend to lie, sometimes even more than no swatches.  Although the mini swatch seemed fine, it ended up producing stiff as cardboard fabric that was waaaaaaaay bigger than anticipated.

Will I ever learn?

In any event, it got frogged and has been cast back onto the needles.  Larger needles and with about half as many stitches.

On a different note, only one more day of NaBloPoMo to go!  I'm very proud of myself this year.  I haven't missed a single day! 

Join me over at Kat's for today's #Unraveled link-up.


  1. bummer about the ripping out, but us seasoned knitters do that all the time :)

  2. I never swatch. I know I will live to regret this, but in the meantime, it feels pretty good!

  3. I have learned swatching lessons so many times over my years of knitting. And, somehow, I'm pretty sure I still have swatching lessons to learn.

    Good work on NaBloPoMo! It's always a challenge, but so much fun to read so many posts during November. XO

  4. After a few sweater unravelings, I am getting much better at swatching

  5. This made me chuckle a bit as I am a famous mini swatch maker and yet wonder why my projects don't work out?