Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2018 Plans

Christmas day can not get here fast enough! I love Christmas and I've been fighting the  urge to listen to Christmas carols and decorate, specially since we've been experiencing an unusually cold cold-snap for the last few days.  I've been in the 'Forget Thanksgiving, let's be Christmassy' mood for several days now.  But, as excited as I am/was for Christmas, now, I'm just excited for December 25th.  I know, I know.  Ordinarily December 25th would mean Christmas, but this year, Christmas is being outshined by....

2018 Strickplanner http://strickmich.frischetexte.de/en/strickplaner/
Orange blanket and a Strickplaner
The start of my new Strickplaner.  It starts on week 52 of 2017, which just happens to be, December 25th.

Have you heard of the Strickplaner?  Oh my!  You MUST check it out if you are a knitter or crocheter.  I first heard about it from Wendy Knits.  Her Meh post was the most exciting thing I've come across on the web in a long, long time.  First, Wendy announced that I'd won Knit Mitts and then she proceeded to introduce me to the Strickplaner.  Before I even finished reading Wendy's post, I went to the Strickplaner site & purchased a 2018 planner.

Strickplaner is german for knitting planner and let me tell you, this little book is THE perfect planner for knitters!  I haven't taken pictures of the inside of mine because the Strickplaner website does a great job of showing you the details.  But please, take a look.  They have both photos and a couple of short videos. 

If you are a knitter (or crocheter) and use any kind of a planner, this just may be THE planner for you.  The planner is great for all knitters (& crocheters) but it is simply Fantastic for knitters who make money (or wish they made money) from their knitting.  

Besides a normal weekly calendar with space for appointments and to-do lists, the Strickplaner has goal setting and tracking pages and a bullet journal styled section for keeping up with patterns, yarn purchases, projects, contacts, lists and blank grid styled pages.

Oh, and did I mention, there's a Free pattern for a knitted book cover that comes with it?  

Is it any wonder I'm practically pee-my-pants excited for December 25th?

And nope, I'm not affiliated with Strickplaner in any way, other than that I am the proud owner of one and can not wait until December 25th to begin using it.  And you can bet, if I ever finish knitting Sarah's orange blanket (which I'm starting to wonder about,) the very next thing I begin knitting will be a cover for my Strickplaner.  I can't wait!

As a side note, after typing this post, I will forever be confused about how to spell 'planner' correctly.  

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  1. I saw that a couple of weeks ago, and was sorely tempted to buy one. But I wished I could see one in person to know if it was to my taste. Enjoy yours!

  2. I've been sorely tempted - and it's only the fact that I ordered the quilt planner that stopped me!! I'm looking forward to seeing what cover you knit for it!

  3. oh! new notebook for knitting :) :) :)

  4. Oh the temptation! I am determined to stop buying notebooks and planners but can’t wait to see how you use this one