Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Sarah and I were supposed to take a tour through the Blue Ridge Mountains and go apple picking today, but as luck would have it, her car wouldn't start.  We could have taken mine, but Little Red still needs a few more tweaks before she goes on any long trips.  (She was, after all, a one-paycheck car and tweaks were expected.)  While I'm disappointed our trip was postponed, I sure am glad Sarah's car chose to break down in our driveway instead of on some lonely mountain road.  I'd have hated to hitchhike home while carrying bushel baskets full of apples.

Knitting a Hitchhiker scarf with Lion Brand "Shawl in a Ball" yarn

Oddly, I had chosen a Hitchhiker scarf to be my knitting-in-the-car project.

To see what others are creating, join me over at Frontier Dreams for the #CraftingOn link-up.


  1. Oh my! Glad you weren't stranded!

  2. What a coincidence that you had chosen a hitchhiker scarf!

    Our minivan is acting up for us. On Thursday the engine shut off while driving uphill on a dirt road. :( It's the second time it has acted like this. We thought we had it fixed, but I guess not. It's basically at the point where it doubles in value when ever you fuel up. :)

    1. Oh, I'm so sorry for laughing at your car's value but.... Thank you for the giggles. :) Back in my young, wild days, I once traded in a car & they gave me $250 "for the aluminum cans in the back, not for the car itself." You just can't beat old cars with zero payment plans.

  3. Right now we have two working cars. It's the kind of thing we forget to be thankful of!

  4. I'm sorry your plans were waylaid but hopefully you can get to that trip soon enough. Lovely beginnings of a scarf!

  5. I’m so glad you weren’t stranded and at least you could knit away the disappointment !

  6. Sorry about the trip, I love the Blue Ridge Mountains this time of year. I am a big Hitchhiker fan, I have made so many I lost count. Enjoy!