Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I have the feeling I'm about to become horribly confused. 

I was checking out a book on my Kindle that someone had recommended and while it did sound like a fabulous read, it was $16.99 and I just can't bring myself to pay that much for a book I can't actually touch.  But, my interest in that book caused my Kindle to suggest Snowblind by Michael Abbadon, which I bought.  And that action prompted my Kindle to recommend more books, one of which was Snowblind by Christopher Golden.  And I bought that one too.  Which prompted a third recommendation and yes, you guessed it - another book titled Snowblind

I now have three different books on my Kindle, all titled Snowblind.  It was a hard choice, but I decided to read the one written by Christopher Golden first.  And Oh My Goodness!  After reading two pages, I was hooked.  By the end of the second chapter, I was contemplating fixing a second dinner because I was so hungry. All the characters were eating and the writing was so descriptive, I could feel their hunger and smell their food.  It made me hungry too.  Another chapter or two had me going to look out the front door to see how deep the snow was.  Seriously!  It was 85 degrees that day, but I was so involved in the story, I actually, literally, expected to see snow outside.  I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed to admit that, or if the author should be winning every award possible for making me feel that way. 

While I've read a zillion books that I have loved, many of which made me laugh out loud and a few that have made me cry - at work, at my desk.  Yes, that really happened.  Talk about embarrassing!  Specially since I'm constantly on the security cameras at work and a security guard came to check on me.  I was crying that hard.  Over a book! At work!  So yeah, I've loved a lot of books, but I don't remember an author having this kind of affect on me since the '80's when I discovered Stephen King.  I'm fairly certain that Christopher Golden's Snowblind is going to end up on my All Time Favorite Books list.

Ocean Stripes, a garter stitch shawl and Snowblind by Christopher Golden
Ocean Stripes and Snowblind

All that to say, I spent most of today sitting on the deck, reading and knitting on my Ocean Stripes shawl.  Thank goodness for simple, mindless garter stitch projects that I can knit on while I read.

And yes, I'm using a Rubbermaid tote as a knitting bag. 

Join me for today's #Unraveled linkup at As Kat Knits to see what others are knitting and reading.


  1. I love it when a book grabs you so strongly. For a minute I thought you were going to tell us that your found a knitting pattern named snowblind to go with your reading!

    1. What an excellent idea! I'm off to do a Ravelry search.

  2. I know I'll get confused, but if an author can affect a reader that much, I will definitely have to check out Snowblind (maybe all three of them)!

  3. fancy knitting bag you got there :) I like your reading theme this week SNOW. I wish it was actually snowing though.

    1. I've been suffering a massive case of fall fever since July 1st. Now, I'm ready for snow. Or I was. I have the feeling I might now be afraid of snow storms.

  4. and I laughed out loud about all your snowblind books...well done and so glad you told us which of the three you're reading! Off to check it out, for sure.