Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I'm no where close to the half-way mark yet, but Sarah's orange blanket is coming along.

orange and yellow zig zag blanket knit for Sarah
Caron Cakes Spice Cake

It's about 20 inches in length so far and slightly wider than anticipated.

I was a little worried about having enough yarn but if each skein knits up to within a couple of inches of the first skein's fabric, I'll have enough to make this blanket more like a bedspread than the intended snuggle-while-watching-TV throw.  We'll see how the yarn holds out.  I've had issues before with Caron Cakes' yardage varying wildly between skeins.

The color is a little harsh for my taste but Sarah loves it and that's what's important.  The orange is very fall-ish and since I've been suffering from Fall Fever since July 1st....  It's a fun project to knit on.  I've also been thinking that instead of knitting a giant, bedspread sized blanket, I could make it the intended length and have yarn left over to knit a matching pillow.  A pillow with removable attachments.  I'm picturing olive green leaves for summer, acorns for fall, a black pumpkin face for Halloween and something for spring.  If you focus on the yellows in it rather than the oranges, it's very daffodill-y.

What I need is to hurry up and knit the blanket and be done with it before it turns into a never ending, life-long project.

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  1. I love the colors and think it all goes with each other!

  2. As someone who has spent years finishing off a blanket I can sympathise - it does look very pretty though so knit on with joy!